Clarins' new crayons mean you no longer have to feel torn between a lipstick, gloss or balm - why not just have all three...

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They might be named after a children’s play toy but the new Lip Balm Crayons from Clarins are a stroke of adult genius.

Giving a sheer luminous colour, the balms contain shea butter and work to hydrate like a lip balm, colour like a lipstick and offer the shine and luxury of a gloss - it’s the ultimate hat trick hero lip product. Created with a creamy texture, the balms glide silkily over lips to give a natural looking shine and instant hydration that lasts throughout the day.

Available in six different shades, ranging from creamy pinks and corals to delicious plums and rich coffees, there’s something to suit both relaxed days and fun-filled nights. In particular we loved shade No.1 - My Pink, which contains sensitive pigments that react with the pH of your lips to create your very own bespoke shade of shine.

Clarins Limited Edition Lip Balm Crayons, £18, available from