Forget sexy shade names; the new Hourglass Girl Lip Stylo has female empowerment in mind. Here’s why you need the likes of Activist and Warrior on your lips…

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Makeup shades names can often leave much to be desired on the feminism front, but whoever says that lipstick isn’t feminist (not going there, but much, much rage) should check out a refreshing launch from cult Californian brand Hourglass .

Girl Lip Stylo  is a lipstick, liner and balm hybrid that not only fulfils a multitude of makeup needs but does so in a hydrating, lightweight feeling kind of way, with hues including vivid fuschia ‘Leader’, brick red ‘Visionary’ and soft rose ‘Inventor’, to name but a few of the positive cosmetic role models on offer. Modern in more ways than one, there are twenty wearable shades to choose from, and while at £26 they’re certainly not cheap, investing in a versatile, high quality and long-lasting lipstick has rarely been so appealing from a branding point of view. You could say that it’s commodifying feminism of course, but frankly, I think we all need a break from the x-rated, fetishising message that so often runs side-by-side a makeup purchase that we’re otherwise making because we’re strong women who define our appearance on our own terms.

I’ll get off my soapbox now, but if you like what Hourglass are up to, you can join the #GIRLFORGOOD campaign on social media by uploading an image of a friend, family member or role model, along with yourself if you so wish, and shout out the female warriors, creators, explorers and peacemakers in your life. The Hourglass team will release a unique image overlay today, so keep your eyes peeled, and visit  for more information and inspiration. The mission statement is that ‘four letters can change the world’, and whether you buy a Girl Lip Stylo or not, it’s worth remembering. Who run the world? That’s technically five letters, but you get my meaning…

Hourglass Girl Lip Stylo is available exclusively at Harvey Nichols until 27th January,  buy online here

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