Kirstin Sinclair snapped the streets of London Fashion Week to see what the fashionistas were wearing make-up wise

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Victoria Sekrier

Model and Stylist

Perfume - Stella McCartney Lily

Skincare - Dermalogica and Argan Oil Moisturiser

Nails - Butter London

Foundation - Body Shop Tinted Moisturiser

Mascara - Body Shop

Highlighter - Benefit

Eyeshadow - Topshop

Hannah Sheridon

Fashion Marketing

Perfume - Balenciaga

Nails - Nails Inc

Skincare - La Roche Posay

Haircare - Moroccan Oil

Foundation, powder and lips - Chanel

Blush and Eyeshadow - MAC

Mascara and eyebrow pencil - Benefit

Eyeliner - Urban Decay