Whether you were saved by the bell in art lessons or practically Picasso, the Makeup Maniac has some handy additions to your beauty paintbox

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Last week I dabbled with carrying off tricky colour  without looking like you’d been paintballing, and to continue the multi-coloured madness I’m taking you back to art class. I’ve got my pencil case out and my canvas (face) at the ready; this week the maniac is getting busy with makeup crayons.

I’ve scribbled and scrawled all over my mug to bring you the very best makeup crayons around. Whether you’re a paint and powder pro, makeup novice or an actual child, these crayons make light (and fun) work of looking lovely.

Clinique Chubby Stick Intense Moisturising Lip Colour Balm

£17, Buy online

I’m starting with a modern classic: the chubby stick. With countless imitators, nothing compares to the original chunky lip crayon. Except perhaps this new nourishing version. A quick swipe delivers a hit of vivid, glossy colour and some pretty hefty hydration with zero stickiness. It’s the perfect crayon to achieve a deep, dramatic finish - use the tip to outline lips and fill in. It’s essentially paint-by-numbers. Then accessorise your wine-hued lips with a glass of merlot.

Nars Soft Touch Shadow Pencil

£18.50,  Buy online

The smokey eye doesn’t get much prettier or more portable than this. Keep this in your clutch/handbag/paintbox and create masterpieces in mere minutes. Choose a dark shade and trace along the lashline for understated definition, blend over the entire eye socket for an elegant veil of colour or layer with a powder shadow for added intensity and staying power. Simple, speedy and stunning every time, cast out notions of kiddie crayolas. I’m particularly in love with the rosy bronze Iraklion shade.

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Bobbi Brown Art Stick

£19,  Buy online

A brand new addition to the beauty school art department, these chunky, old skool pencils are exclusive to Selfridges. I suggest you pop on down to peruse the collection - part liner, part lipstick, Bobbi describes these as ‘a true makeup artist’s dream’, and they’re pretty peachy for us non-professionals too.

Matte yet moisturising (although you might want to double up on balm if you’re particularly dry of lip), easy to blend and forensically precise, these crafty crayons allow you to create both sheer and striking looks without the need for liner, lip brushes or labour. Out today - lazy girls and arty types take note.

Lord & Berry Twistick

£13,  Buy online

A gloss, lipstick and balm in one, this 3-in-1 wonder does all the work for you (not like your dad doing your art coursework, more like having the very best tools and tutors at your fingertips). It’s surprisingly bold for such a light-textured product and fades to a flattering stain without making you look like you’ve been at the ice lollies.

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Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil

£12, Buy online

Blend away blemishes, dark circles and general boo-boos with this genius concealer crayon. With no mess, spillage or dipping fingers in pots, it makes covering up imperfections a doddle and is the ideal skin-perfecting partner for a morning commute, night out or weekend away. It’s creamy and melts into the skin, which may pose a problem for oily skins but with those for normal to dry tendencies it creates a beautifully natural finish. Sharpen the tip when required and dab with a touch of disinfectant to keep bacteria at bay. Not glamorous, but an artist is only as good as her tools. Keep that canvas clear.

Topshop Glow Stick

£10, Buy online

Not technically a crayon, but I’m taking a bit of artistic licence here because this stubby, subtly shimmery highlighting stick should have a place in every girl’s makeup kit. ‘Play Up’ adds a creamy nude sheen to cheekbones, brow bones, the cupid’s bow and anywhere you want to add a bit of low-key twinkle. You’ll be ready for playtime in a flash, looking like an oil painting - model worthy cheekbones and a dewy base come as standard with the Glow Stick. Rave, relax or simply revel in your new facial contours.

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