A review of the new Orgasms and a sensual new Franco-English collaboration for your delectation

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Have you had your first Orgasm? Chances are you have considering that the volume of Nars’ iconic  Orgasm blush  sold every hour across the globe is equivalent to five times the speed of a cheetah (niche stat there).

Launched in 1999, Orgasm blush remains the US’ number one selling blusher, and the Orgasm family has blossomed since its conception- 2005 saw the release of Orgasm Lip Gloss , in 2007 the much-loved Orgasm Multiple  was born and the Orgasms intensified in 2008 with the launch of the more pigmented Super Orgasm Blush , followed by the similarly pink hued Orgasm nail polish  in the same year. We thought the Orgasm dynasty might have been complete in 2010 with the arrival of the now cult Orgasm Illuminator , but turns out that Mr Nars wasn’t done with Orgasm innovation yet- there’s more.

On the 1st June Orgasm triplets will come our way in the form of Orgasm Liquid Blush, £23, Orgasm Lipstick, £21, and a Limited Edition Orgasm Blush, £23, with very on-brand #WhatMakesYouBlush packaging. Both the Liquid Blush and Lipstick have a fairly sheer finish, delivering a warm pink glow with just a hint of a sheen (this looks like glitter initially, but never fear- the effect is more subtle than you’d think). If you’re already an Orgasm devotee, the new lipstick and liquid blush additions will be no brainer new-texture additions, and if you’re yet to dabble in the classic powder blush now is the time given the collectible packaging.

Orgasms aren’t the only thrilling thing that’s been going down at Nars HQ either, as the new  Nars x Charlotte Gainsbourg collection  is one of those limited edition collaborations that I will likely be lobbying to become permanent by the time that summer is out. Beauty mash-ups come along almost every day, but the tech and colour palette going on here is a thing of beauty in every way. Think light gels and tints that wear like air but deliver on colour intensity and last. ‘Longevity’ and ‘gloss’ is positively an oxymoron, but the  Lip Tint , £22, manages it without veering into sticky Barbie territory, and the Hydrating Glow Tint , £25, provides the kind of summer coverage that will give skin a lift without masking freckles and other charming “imperfections” (a full face of foundation is very much not the French way). Top it off with concealer if you’ve got any blemishes or dark spots going on, with the collection’s transparent but no less pretty  Multiple Tint  in Alice (poppy red), Jo (light pink) or Jeanette (sheer berry), £29, and your chic summer in the city face is sorted.

If you fancy adding some smoke and definition, there are also deliciously flattering moss green, deep navy and slate grey Kohliners  to consider at £19, wine and rose hued Velvet Matte Lip Pencils , £20 and teal, green and champagne toned  Velvet Duo Eyeshadow palettes , £25. A perfect fusion of fresh and seductive, light and smouldering, this is the makeup equivalent of ‘high-low’ fashion, and the fact that it’s inspired by the different vibes of London and Paris simultaneously possibly explains the juxtaposition of sweet and foxy. Apparently the range is reflective of actress and musician Charlotte’s personal style, family and friends, which makes sense when you take into account the fact that her mother is swinging 60s, London born icon Jane Birkin and her father the very passionate French singer Serge Gainsbourg. Basically, Nars has us Brits hot under the collar with his sexy Fr-english launches of late- thank god for the cooling gel textures.

Nars x Charlotte Gainsbourg is available exclusively at  Nars Boutiques  and  Selfridges  and will be rolled out nationwide on 1st June

The new additions to the Nars Orgasm range will launch on 1st June at Nars Boutiques and online at  narscosmetics.co.uk

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