A legendary makeup artist launches her first ever beauty product today; get online and in line for your very own golden ticket

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Gold. It’s one of the world’s most precious commodities, suits everyone and appeals to magpie within; it can’t be ignored. Neither, for that matter, can Pat McGrath MBE’s buzzy build up to the launch of her debut beauty product. Eschewing billboards, ad campaigns and press previews,  she revealed her golden invention on Instagram  via a SS16 model line up backstage at Prada. With immaculately painted, liquid gold lips, the models’ makeup was a metallic ‘come hither’ for maniacs such as I, and the gilded teasing only intensified with further posts featuring lab flasks full of gold glitter with the caption ‘coming soon’, and a mysterious reference to Pat ‘taking Paris’ on 30th September. What covert operation was this?

In turns out, when Pat ‘takes Paris’, she doesn’t hide away in a hotel suite or mingle in a members club, she quite literally takes to the streets. For the golden reveal, her throne was a plastic chair in the Tuileries Garden, where she used her Gold 001 pigment to anoint passers by and supermodels alike. From eyeliner to full on face paint, her unique golden paint adopted many guises, and shone on everybody, no matter their gender, skin tone or personal style. Herself and her team just made it work, and soon it was flooding the Instagram feeds of the followed, the famous and Pat’s league of fans. Everyone wanted to be touched by McGrath gold.

Prada SS16

Fast forward a month, and ‘the multidimensional, microfine pigment that knows no limits’ is available as of 4pm today, but there are just 1000 pots of gold to be had. Not because McGrath wants to keep it selective and exclusive (see above, she’s not that kind of VIP), but because a large enough batch simply couldn’t be produced in time. There will be more to come from  Pat McGrath Labs  in late 2016, but for now if you can get in on the goldmine (worldwide shipping is free), you’re set to become your own makeup mixologist, as Gold 001 is no ordinary, fit for one purpose product. Along with dazzling pigment, your order will include a metal spatula for breaking up product, mehron mixing liquid to create endless textures and consistencies and a second life container to store your concoction. If you’re in need of inspiration, Pat has more than a few words of wisdom on the subject of application and usage:

“Break the rules and be inventive. Gild eyelids and cupid’s bow. Electrify brows and lips. Buff into skin for blinding luminosity.”

“Use a brush dampened with mixing liquid to optimize application of pigment. Experiment with the amount of liquid to create different effects, from an intense molten gleam to a sheer golden shimmer. Layer pigment over a primer for intense, long-lasting results. Dig in and play fearlessly.”

For further guidance, check out Pat’s social media moodboards. She’s even used it to turn Kim Kardashian into Cleopatra; Gold 001’s strength is second only to 007’s. Shaken, stirred or any which way, it’s frankly stunning. I’m holding out for a sequinned gold package of my own, in the manner of a Hogwarts letter. A girl can dream, and until then, you’ll find me trying to replicate the looks in tin foil. The second batch can’t come sooner.

Try your luck  here  at Pat McGrath Labs, orders limited to one per customer, $40 (currently works out at £26.10).

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