Do your eyes and save the environment at the same time? This palette has to be one of the wisest investments in the beauty world

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Chantecaille’s philanthropic palettes often go on to become collector’s items, but their appeal goes far beyond beautification. Ever passionate about saving and preserving the environment, the Chantecaille family launched the 15 Year Anniversary Eye Shade Trio with three goals in mind, as represented by the three animals embossed on the shadows.

The firsty shadow, a dusky aubergine etched with an elephant, is symbolic of Chantecaille’s commitment to saving “Africa’s gardeners” (so called as they disperse seeds and clear paths). Given that elephants are to this day being killed for their ivory, at their worst levels since the 1980s, Chantecaille warn that these majestic animals could be extinct by 2025.

The situation doesn’t look any brighter for monarch butterflies (engraved on a shimmery gold toned shadow), whose population was down by 95% in 2013 due to the destruction of their ecosystems by deforestation and human agricultural systems.

It’s not just creatures of the land and air, sea turtles are also suffering due to our waste, fishing methods and collection of their eggs. The bronze hued turtle shadow is certainly pretty, but the fact that purchasing it contributes to their protection makes wearing it all the more powerful.

All proceeds of the palette go to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Monarch Butterfly Fund and WIDECAST.

Chantecaille 15 Year Anniversary Eye Shade Trio, £63,  buy online