TikTok is awash with festive Grinch makeup tutorials - here are the ones we can't stop watching

We might feel just a tiny bit too old for TikTok, but since we're suckers for a viral makeup trend, we were lured onto the app by all the Grinch makeup tutorials currently doing the rounds.

While festive makeup normally means a glittery eyeshadow and a bold berry lip, this year (given that we're going nowhere) it’s a little bit more outlandish with the users of TikTok painting their faces green and transforming themselves into Christmas’ most notorious villain, soundtracked by classic Grinch song "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" complete with lip-syncing, of course. This is TikTok after all.

Far from a bit of gentle contouring and a subtle cut crease, these Grinch makeup looks require serious skill; expertly blending green and white face paints to create the most impressive Grinch look we’ve seen outside of Whoville.

From full-on Grinch masks to layers of face paint, everyone approached the look differently, but one key element of every Grinch makeup tutorial is the addition of some seriously long false eyelashes , adding a touch of fluttery glamour to the look.

We know the Grinch's whole plot was to get rid of Christmas altogether, but we can't help but feel a whole lot more festive after binge-watching these genius makeup tutorials.

We don't think we could create a look like this in 60 hours, let alone 60 seconds! Serious talent.


Y’all loved my Who character so much, I had to come through with Mrs Grinch herself #thegrinch #whoville #makeup

♬ I'm booked - How the Grinch Stole Christmas

We admire her commitment with the prosthetic nose and glue stick eyebrows too!

Not content with Grinch makeup, this talented TikToker went all out with a full body green fluffy costume.

Yellow contacts make all the difference with this incredibly detailed Grinch makeup tutorial - and just look at her eyeshadow blending skills!

Not content with whacking on a long green wig, this woman went all out, wearing a Grinch mask to create one of the most realistic Grinch-overs we've seen.

Don't tell the others, but we think this might be our favourite of all the Grinch makeup challenges - from her hilarious lip-syncing, to those impeccably detailing Christmas brows, there's nothing we don't love about this clip.

A popping purple lip sets this Grinch makeup look apart from the others - and we were wowed by the detail she put into her forehead makeup, too.

Long spidery lashes made all the difference with this Santa-hat topped look - who knew looking like the Grinch could be glam?

For a Christmas makeup tutorial that's a little bit less... green, TikTok users are also recreating the Grinch's sidekick Cindy Lou's look, featuring a rather inventive way to gain hair height.

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