To give your makeup a dose of high definition, the new Laura Mercier Stroke of Genius Luxe Brush Collection contains all the tools you’ll need

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For a secret weapon for achieving the perfect smokey eye or to give your contouring game a new edge, the new Laura Mercier Luxe Brush Collection is the Stroke of Genius (pardon the pun), that’s come just in time for party season.

Whether you’re looking to highlight, sculpt or define, the six brush set contains the essential tools of the trade to take your favourite pots of makeup to the next level. For those partial to a feline flick and a touch of gel eyeliner, the Flat Eye Liner Brush offers expert precision with a handle that makes it extremely easy to get right into the lash line.

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For those looking to dabble in matte, shimmer and sparkle eyeshadows - the trio of the Eye Crease Brush, All Over Eye Colour Brush and Ponytail Brush make for a great way to enhance and amplify any eye look; with the latter we’ve found also working brilliantly with the Cheek Colour Brush to add a subtle dose of contouring to cheekbones.

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And to help disguise the evidence of those late nights? The Secret Camouflage Brush is at hand to stealthily conceal dark circles and partied out skin in need of professional cover up.

Supremely soft and long-lasting too, the collection comes in at £65 in total - an investment for sure, but (and yes, we’re going sound like the mischievous payday voice in your head here), that means it works out at just over a tenner a brush, which considering how long they’ll last for makes it better value than we originally perceived. Plus, with Christmas just around the corner - it could prove the perfect present idea or wishlist addition too for the ultimate gift that just keeps on giving.

The Laura Mercier Stroke of Genius Luxe Brush Collection is £65 and  is available to buy online here .

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