Finding your perfect red lipstick just got simpler thanks to makeup artist Wendy Rowe’s new collaboration with eco-friendly brand, La Bouche Rouge Paris

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Has finding the perfect red lipstick just become a lot easier? Thanks to a new collaboration between makeup artist Wendy Rowe  and eco-friendly makeup brand La Bouche Rouge Paris, the answer points to yes.

Named ‘The Collection’ and available on , the range comprises of a carefully curated wardrobe of six lipstick shades created by Wendy to complement a variety of different skin tones: firstly ‘Pop Art Red’ - described by Wendy as “a rock star red shade,” takes inspiration from Andy Warhol’s work; ‘Passionate Red’, a “shade of red that lips naturally turn in a moment of passion” and the deepest in the range; ‘Regal Red,’ inspired by the reds seen at Royal ceremonies and in butterfly wings; 70’s America (the one I’ve got my eye on), an orange-based ‘Charlie’s Angels’ red that Wendy describes as being particularly great for tanned and darker skin tones; the delicate rose-tinted ‘Innocent Red,’ and finally (and most intriguingly), ‘Nude Red,’ an autumnal brown-red that looks different on all skin tones and mimics the tones in the embers of a fire. The contrast sounds genius.

The choice of an eco-friendly brand such as La Bouche Rouge Paris for the collaboration is also of particular note. Known for its refillable lipsticks, the company’s keen on reducing its plastic footprint  by finding alternative materials from beginning to end of its production line in an effort to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in the ocean. Combining the environmentally conscious with the stellar credentials of one of the industry's best makeup artists, it’s among our favourite lip launches of the year so far.

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