No more groaning makeup bags, there's only one product you need all night, says the legendary makeup artist. She opens up her evening bag

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Mary Greenwell is a woman with suitcases full of product. Over the years she has worked with some of the world's most recognisable faces, from the original 'supers', to Diana Princess of Wales, whose image she helped redefine as well as Cate Blanchett, Jessica Chastain, Felicity Jones and Gemma Arterton. At Get The Gloss we've picked up countless tips from her in her Mary's Masterclass videos, from winter bridal makeup  to makeup  for almond-shaped  eyes to  how to do fresh natural makeup.

So when we asked her for her handbag beauty edit, we were not a little surprised to find it the very definition of minimal. Inside her Chanel evening bag is only one product - lipstick. Not always the same one, but always in a berry shade.

The reason? "If you spend time doing your makeup well," she explains "it will last all night." There'll be tips on this and more product edits from Mary on Get The Gloss over the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, she takes us through the contents of that classic black Chanel evening bag.

1. "My old Chanel key ring, a gift from the Chanel Bafta party five years ago."

2. "Hourglass lipstick in You Are My. So gorgeous, so neat so classy, versatile, thin enough to use as a lip liner. All the lipsticks I use personally are berry colours, and an exaggeration of my natural lip colour."

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3. "Reading glasses – I really don’t dare go without them. I take lightweight sunglasses and convert them into reading glasses because I like the shapes. These are Brioni."

4. "My phone, the iPhone 7 Plus with a picture of my father, Benji Greenwell, the best-looking man I have ever known. It was taken in St Tropez when he was 28."

5. "The ultimate Chanel mirror, which opens up to have two mirrors inside, one magnifying and one regular.

If I feel I might need powder throughout the evening, I  take Chanel Poudre Universelle, a mirrored compact which comes with a little sponge, instead. The packaging light and has that wow factor of Chanel…. the double C."

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