The best primer in the business just added a notch of anti-ageing to its belt

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If there is one product I recommend more than any other, to anyone who'll listen, it's the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. Because it WORKS. It's sad that that is what makes it exciting but we all know that products often fail to deliver on their grand promises. In this case, they keep to their word every time.

A cream primer that you smooth onto eyelids either alone or before eyeshadow, this cult favourite evens out skin tone (great for people like me with a lot of pigment in their eyelids), smooths out any lines and best of all, holds onto eyeshadow so tight that it'll last the entire day. It makes shadow appear brighter and fresher, or when worn alone creates healthy-looking wide awake eyes.

My favourite is the 'Sin' shade, a champagne shimmer which adds a lightly golden hue to lids - no need for shadow on top, making it perfect for when you're in a rush, and it's therefore my daily staple. However, the geniuses at Urban Decay have concocted another version of their potion which not only wakes up eyes like all its predecessors but also helps to make them look younger. Enter, the Primer Potion Anti-Aging.

With a creamy coloured base much like the original, it's a primer with benefits as it also has 'optical blurring pigments' to create a gentle, soft focus effect  (the kind you get from a good Instagram filter or clever lighting) plus two ingredients - Dermaxyl® and Kalpariane® - to plump the skin and smooth out the appearance of fine lines.

Whatever's in the magical formula, it works; in an eight week study conducted by the brand, 100% had a measurable improvement in the appearance of lines, and my slightly knackered, rather crepey eyes have perked up noticeably since using it. Our advice? Wear it every day.

The new Primer Potion is £18 and available from  House of Fraser