Don’t compromise on fashion or a full battery with the Jadeco Gillan Battery Pouch

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We’ve all been there – in the middle of nowhere with a dwindling battery and no means of contact with the outside world. Thankfully though, whether you find yourself at a festival  or stranded on the M25, you can now stay online for longer with the Jadeco Gillan Battery Pouch close to hand.

One of the prettiest portable phone chargers we think we’ve ever seen, we were incredibly impressed with how quickly it charged our phones and how lightweight it was to carry around. Simply charge the purse using your computer or plug source and when you’re out, link it up to your mobile phone to power up on-the-go. Ensure though that if you have an Apple device (an iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPod or iPad) that you purchase the appropriate adapter too (not included).

Available in five colours, this has been invaluable in making sure we were never too far from our Twitter accounts (a prerequisite when you work for a website), nor our favourite lipstick, wallet, keys and Oyster card too thanks to its ample space for essentials. As far as mobile accessories go, it’s a must-have for times when you need a quick battery top-up when there isn’t a plug point or conventional charger in sight.

The Jadeco Gillan Battery Pouch is £55 and available to  buy online here .