If you thought Clarins Radiance Booster for the face was good, just wait until you try this...

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When Clarins introduced their game-changing Radiance Plus Booster for the face , we were more than impressed with it’s simply scented, streak-free formula and uber customisable approach - after all, it’s no mean feat to wipe out tango skin and the tell-tell biscuit smell of tan in one foul swoop. But they didn’t stop there and have gone one step further in the made to measure bronzing arena. Let us introduce you to the Radiance Plus Booster for the body.

Working almost identically to the previous product, this self tanner is designed to add a gentle radiance and warmth to your regular moisturiser - meaning you can keep achieving the desired benefits of your body regime, while also kicking up your colour.

Simply mix a few drops (they recommend between 4-6) into your body moisturiser and apply evenly all over. The benefits? A healthy, natural glow that forms without a streak, tide mark or pasty patch in sight. With a much higher concentration of self-tanning ingredients, a few drops of this tan will also keep your glow going for longer, while the odourless formula makes the whole task of the more easy, breezy.

It’s truly a godsend for paler skin tones and those fearful of fake tan - we thought we’d witnessed all the tailor-made tanning breakthroughs possible. We were so wrong.

Clarins Radiance-Plus Golden Glow Booster For Body, £26,  Buy online