Meet the MakeUp Eraser - your one-stop-shop for removing all traces of makeup in an instant

Gentler, softer and all-round better than a makeup wipe, the MakeUp Eraser has added a dose of innovative beauty know-how to our late-night cleansing regimes.

A clever microfibre towel that lasts more than a 1,000 washes and eradicates all evidence of product from waterproof mascara  to budgeproof lipstick - simply wet, wipe and wash for a fast-track way to effectively erase the evidence of panda eyes, flaky mascara and smeared eyeliner.

So how does it work exactly? When wet, it triggers a hydro-mechanical process which helps break down the surface tension of the oils that bond makeup to the skin. Dual-textured with a shorter side for makeup removal and a longer side for a dose of exfoliation , it provides a money-saving, chemical-free alternative to your cleansing needs which is quick and easy-to-use and from our experiences, comes particularly in handy after a long night out on the tiles...

The MakeUp Eraser is £15.95 and available to buy online from .

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