Tina Craig has been working in beauty since starting her blog Bag Snob in 2005, so she knows a thing or two about skincare. Here she shares the serums, supplements and face tools she uses on a daily basis

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After years as a fashion and beauty blogger, Tina Craig, 50, had found herself with a 15 step skincare routine and decided enough was enough. "I was overwhelmed and my routine often left my skin irritated. The onslaught of products wasn’t even working. I was determined to find a better, smarter way. I wanted to simplify and cut down on cosmetic confusion."

As a result, her skincare brand U Beauty was born in 2019, offering science-based, results-oriented formulas to slim down your skincare routine. "We only make multitasking products that give the skin what it needs and produce superior results," she says.

As well as being the founder of U Beauty, running a design consulting firm, and being cofounder of Estate Five, a talent management and influencer agency, Tina is also mum to her 17-year-old son. "He's going to college next year so I’m also treasuring every single moment with him while he’s still living at home," she tells us.

Here she shares her typical workday and the skincare she always goes back to.

My typical workday

"I wake up between 6:30 and 7 am and begin each day with one or two meditations. I take lysine supplements [they support the immune system] and drink a cup of Pique  fermented green tea, blended with two scoops of Shore Magic Marine Collagen , £100.

"After making my son a hot breakfast, I workout with my trainers on the virtual personal training platform FlexIt . Ariana Dresner and Taylor Wenzl have sculpted my entire body with just 30 minutes a day, five days a week.

"I’m in back-to-back Zooms meetings from 8 am till noon. For lunch, I’ll a quick salad with protein, then more meetings until I pick up my son from football and cook dinner for him and his friends.

"Then it’s back to work in my office until I go to bed! In between these typical workdays, I host events, such as store openings, cocktail parties, and launches, as the influencer side of my business is thriving."

My weekend

"My favourite thing to do is watch my son play football every Friday night. On Saturdays, I’m with him and his friends—driving them around (even though they all drive!), baking, and hosting them at my house.

"Sunday is for self-care. I do a more elaborate version of my routine, which includes using Joanna Czech's Facial Massager , £178, my favourite facialist’s dual-edged roller that’s great for skin prep.

Wellness from the inside

"In Chinese culture, we’re taught that beauty starts from the inside out. It’s a multifaceted approach to beauty that encompasses the whole body and your whole self. That’s why supplements are as important to me as diet, exercise, and general wellbeing.

"I like to spread out my supplements over the course of the day; otherwise, they could cancel each other out: I take Dr Nigma Talib ND B Famous , £39.60, in the morning for energy, Dr Nigma Talib Vitamin C Cocktail , £72 in the afternoon for immune support and magnesium , zinc  and Dr Nigma Talib Cortisol Balancer , £45, (her supplements are the best!) in the evening.

"Finally, I live by Equilibria CBD oil . Made with full-spectrum hemp-flower oil concentrate, it helps me wind down before bed, and if I’m really stressed during the day, I’ll take a drop then too."

My best advice

"Love yourself, first and foremost. If you want to maintain a positive mindset that perpetuates self-love and confidence, start by accepting yourself as you are.

"Sometimes a few affirmations, spoken out loud into the mirror, reinforces it. Don’t hesitate to say, 'I am safe, I am enough, and I am going to have the best day ever,' as often as you need.

My beauty essentials

1. The U Beauty Duo, £330

"I have to start with the two products that started it all: The U Beauty Duo features the Resurfacing Compound and Super Smart Hydrator for two streamlined steps that deliver visibly renewed, repaired, and glowing skin that stays hydrated for up to 48 hours."

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2. Clé de Peau Beauté Illuminating Concentrate, £120

This is a three-part treatment with Japanese pearl and golden silk extract, that delivers a professional-level glow.

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3. Osea Undaria Algae Body Oil, £42

"There's body oil and then there's this. You can apply it to both damp or dry skin, but I like to put it on when I’m fresh out of the shower for maximum absorption. After dry-brushing, you’ll find yourself with skin that’s too insanely radiant to hide."

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4. Jones Road Hippie Stick Everywhere Balm, £29

"This is a product that’s so genius it’s hard to define. You can use it on your face, body, hair, anywhere you want a moisturising barrier in a single swipe."

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5. Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation in Vanilla and Ivory, £72

Mixed together with U Beauty’s The Super Hydrator , £65, it makes for a flawlessly natural glow every single time.

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6. Westman Atelier Squeaky Clean Liquid Lip Balm, £35

"This has the most delicious texture. I mix plummy Ma Puce and cool-coral Nou Nou for a custom shade that produces a little pop and a lot of shine."

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7. SiO Beauty Décolleté Skinpad, £50 for two

"I never go to bed without wearing this. It’s like a genius compression belt that ensures I wake up with a smooth décolleté."

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8.  Haus Laboratories’ Eye-Dentity Gel Pencil Eye Liner, £18

"I’ve recently found what may be my favourite eyeliner: I have it in both metallic silver and black, depending on my mood."

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9. Fenty Eaze Drop Blurring Skin Tint, £25

"This is exactly what it sounds like—not a foundation but a truly buildable tint. It's like your skin but better."

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10. TriPollar Stop X Facial Renewal & Rejuvenation Device, £349

'I love my gadgets: I’ll use those for about 20 minutes, three times a week. It’s an at-home radiofrequency treatment that causes controlled damage to the skin’s different layers, encouraging natural healing processes and collagen production."

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11. ReFa Carat Roller, £172

"I've been using this for years; I like to think of it as yoga for the face and I’ll roll in my car, while watching TV and whenever I have downtime."

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