Nicola Bonn discovers the makeup artists' secret weapon – Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara

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One thing you need to know about me is that I like to personify my beauty products. I have a face-cream that I've named after a particular ex who promised many things but delivered none, a Nars lipstick that shares traits with Carlos, my friend's labradoodle (long story) and a shower gel that is so gentle and caring that it is like a big, cuddly nana (the type that knits long, warm scarves).

So, in this vein, I want to introduce you to the best friend that I never knew that I needed. You know the feeling... you're old enough to know who you like and like who you know and don't really have the time to bond with someone new. Well, this is how I felt when Sam from Pixiwoo recommended Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara, £15  to me many years ago. Why on earth did I need a specific mascara for my lower lashes? Wasn't it enough to use my usual wands? Also, were there any benefits to wearing mascara on the lower lash anyway? So I stubbornly ignored advice from one of the world's most brilliant makeup artists and carried on being frustrated with the black flakes and smudges that gathered under my eyes each day.

the result is an effortless, slightly smudged, Parisian chic look but without the panda eyes. It's bloody brilliant

Then a few weeks ago I was in Boots and randomly decided to buy the bottom lash mascara for the sake of research. Well, the rest is history. That little tube, with the tiny brush that grabs every lower lash and formula that doesn't smudge, is now one of my very best and most loyal friends. I love it so much that I have given up my lower waterline eyeliner habit (which can sometimes look a bit heavy and ageing) and now smoosh the mascara brush into the roots of my bottom lashes instead.

After working it in a bit, the result is a kind of effortless, slightly smudged, Parisian chic look but without the panda eyes. It's bloody brilliant. You can also use it along the entire lower lash and it gives a nice natural look which works perfectly for me as I like to go really heavy on the upper lash. A light coating down under manages to widen my eyes which is always a bonus. You could also use this mascara to grab any upper lashes that your usual brush can't get. It has many skills!

This is the product you never thought you needed, the stranger who becomes a loyal friend overnight. Everyone needs this little tube of power in their makeup arsenal. Use it once and I'm sure you'll never turn back. Oh, and my little mascara doesn't have a name quite yet. For now, she's just known as 'new bestie', but watch this space!

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