It’s retro, it’s space-saving and means you’ll never pack the wrong shade of eyeliner again. To see it is to buy it, says Nicola Bonn

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Do you remember those biros that were basically loads of different pens in one? You'd click one colour down and then the next and you'd applaud the multi-coloured masterpieces that you could create. Clarins have re-created those pens of joy in makeup form and they are SO MUCH FUN.

I was recording an episode of  The Outspoken Beauty Podcast  with beauty writer Sophie Beresiner  and makeup artist Lisa Potter Dixon  when Sophie suddenly produced one on these from her handbag. When I realised that rather than a 90s throwback pen it was an item of makeup, I literally whooped with excitement. This product took the joy of makeup to a whole new level. It was original and exciting and brought back similar emotions to the ones I used to feel as I searched through my mum's makeup bag as a kid and secretly smeared her lipsticks all over my cheeks and lips. This was makeup at its most creative and fun.

It's a talking point, nostalgia in a plastic tube, it brings childlike joy and it makes people smile

I instantly went online and ordered one . I chose the 4-Colour Pen in shade 02 (there are three possibles). It comes with three eyeliners in black, grey and brown and a lip liner in red. On a practical level, it's really handy to have your eye and lip liner contained in one pen. The lip liner is fantastic if you love to wear red. It is a true, suits-all shade that will compliment most red lipsticks. It is nice and thin so gives you a really precise line around the lips ­ you can then colour in the whole lip with it before applying your lipstick. That way as your lippie fades, you'll still have colour on your lips. The choice of eyeliners is fab too. Grey or brown for the day and then black for if you want to go a bit more dramatic. Again, the nice thin point is precise and easy to use and the quality is really good too.

Shade 03 includes a magenta lip liner and an incredible turquoise one for your eyes. What I love about the product is that it's more than just great makeup. It's a talking point, nostalgia in a plastic tube, it brings childlike joy and it makes people smile. I know this because I used mine on the tube and I got a good few grins from my fellow passengers. Sometimes we forget that makeup should be positive and make us feel good and we allow ourselves to get into a bit of a rut. If you've got SMD (Seasonal Makeup Disorder), grab yourself one of these and enjoy!

Like the sound of this?  Buy the Clarins 4-Colour Pen £28.

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