Grown-up glitter is finally upon us and it's more elegant and demure than we could ever have imagined

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Perfect for the upcoming festive season, or even for a little bit of evening glitz and glamour, this golden pressed powder from Dior is a beautifully indulgent beauty treat. As one part of the new Golden Shock Collection this chic little compact, gold and heavy in weight, conceals a powder so elaborate and opulent, it’s almost too good to touch.

In the past, I’ve been known to be a little glitter-phobic (controversial, I know) and have felt at times like its effects are not all that dissimilar from a sandy trip to the beach -  once on your body, you can never quite get rid of it. However, this golden glitter powder has made a convert out of me. While indeed appearing intensely sparkly, it lightly sweeps across the face with a demure elegance leaving a subtle hint of healthy glow. Creating a sheen more than a sparkle, this is grown-up glitter at its most sophisticated and much to my pleasure, it can be removed easily with a simple cleanser, erasing all traces of twinkling evidence from the night before.

Best performing as an illuminating product over the face, use this compact to highlight and enhance different areas of the skin with a gentle golden gleam. Simply apply the powder to areas that catch the light, including the upper cheekbones, Cupid's bow, chin and the bridge of the nose for a truly radiant and ravishing finish.

Dior's illuminating powder, £49, available from  Selfridges