Microblade precision without the commitment, the brand’s new brow product could be a game-changer

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If you love the look of microblading  but aren’t such a fan of sharp things near your face, Urban Decay’s latest product could be just what you’ve been looking for. The brand has launched a new dual-ended Brow Blade stain and eyebrow pencil, designed to provide the precision of the technique without the commitment and we have a feeling that it’s going to be huge.

It’s already obtained one standout review courtesy of Huda Kattan , founder of Huda Beauty, who’s described it as “My favourite brow product ever.” High praise indeed, and considering how versatile it is, it’s easy to see why. On one end, you’ll find a waterproof pencil for filling in sparse areas. On the other, an innovative ink stain, perfect for fine hair-like strokes that mimic natural hair.

Shade-wise, there are seven to choose from - Gingersnap (auburn), Taupe Trap (taupe), Brown Sugar (soft medium brown), Café Kitty (warm medium brown), Brunette Betty (warm brown), Neutral Nana (neutral) and Dark Drapes (dark brown - my match). From redheads to brunettes, it’s quite comprehensive, although I would say that there’s space for one lighter and one darker shade either side for even more far-reaching appeal.

What it's like to use

A full brow was never a problem of mine growing up (I had a rather fetching monobrow until I was 17 I’ll have you know). As time marched on though, one became two thanks to a few visits to my threading salon, and now, my brow needs are very different. As I’ve gotten older, sparseness near the centre is now an issue, as well as lack of definition and thickness around my arches. Talk about a cruel twist of fate. However, it makes me a prime Brow Blade candidate.

First impressions? It’s really easy to handle. Secondly, the slimness of the two tips makes it great for achieving pinpoint accuracy. To begin with, I used the pencil end to fill in spots of sparseness (brushed through with a spoolie) and followed it up with a few strokes of the ink stain end near the fronts to create a bit more thickness. Start with light pressure and super feathery strokes and build up to your desired level of intensity gradually to prevent it from becoming too blocky.

The verdict

The end result was natural looking and long-lasting. It doesn’t last as long as actual microblading mind you, but that isn’t the point of the product. It’s more to give you the precision of it. My brows looked fuller, thicker and more defined, I’ll definitely be using it again. A launch that’s worth the brow buzz in my book.