Get ready to pledge your allegiance to a Mother of Dragons highlighter palette or a Lannister Gold eyeliner (seriously) - GOT x Urban Decay has just landed and here’s what you’re in for

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Seemingly the entire world has been waiting with baited breath for the evening of 15th April to arrive (or 2am on the 14th if you're a real keeno). Pillows are being fluffed and nerves steeled for the first episode of the eighth and final series of Game of Thrones, and if you’d like to look the part as you tune in, Urban Decay  is here for you because we’ve got the intel on the  GOT makeup collaboration , and it’s huge, both in scale and drama terms. Which is nothing less than you’d expect given the mega subject matter. From a 3D pop-up eye palette (they’ve gone all out) to eye makeup brushes dressed up as Jon Snow’s sword (eyebrow in more ways than one), this is what’s worth the trip to Westeros for in the Urban Decay For The Throne collection .

An all-encompassing eyeshadow palette

The Games of Thrones Eyeshadow Palette , £45, features 20 shades, with collections to represent each of the would-be throne grabbers on the show. House Targaryen is made up of jewel-hued shimmers, House Lannister shadows are a “regal” collection of metallics, mattes and shimmer, House Stark is comprised of smoky, earthy mattes and neutral sparkles and White Walkers are, as you’d expect, ice cool shimmers. There are also four holographic “transformer” shades that can be swept over each shadows as a kind of ethereal topcoat to give your GOT makeup look even more guts.

Cruelty-free eyeshadow brushes as weapons

Not to go sticking in peoples’ eyes, but rather sword handled eyeshadow brushes designed to apply your eye makeup with the skill of Jon Snow or artfulness of Arya Stark. The Jon Snow Longclaw Large Eyeshadow Brush is a blending maestro while Arya Stark’s Needle Flat Eyeshadow Brush is small but mighty and handy for precise lining and detailing.

The mother of all highlighter palettes

Or more specifically, the Mother of Dragons Highlighter Palette , £25. There are three Afterglow highlighting powders, with each chrome shade named after her dragons, which for once we could've seen coming.

Battle ready lipsticks

With the show’s principal female characters as their namesake, the four limited edition GOT Vice Lipsticks , £17.50 each, take in everything from a Sansa inspired peach to a bright metallic bronze to represent Cersei's, um, ferocity and a bold metallic red to bring out Daenerys’ fire. Or something.

Liner is coming

There are 24/7 Glide on Eye Pencils , £16 each, to provide warpaint for each house/ threat - a pretty self explanatory Lannister Gold, an iridescent white Winterfell Snow, smoky holographic black Dragon Smoke and Night King, a shimmery dark teal.

A cheek and lip stain that’ll weather the winter

Game of Thrones Lip & Cheek Stain , £19, is a punchy Targaryen red that refuses to budge apparently, much like the Dragon Queen herself (or so the story goes so far).

The entire Urban Decay GOT vault  can be yours for a whopping £198, so it’s superfan territory, but you can pick and choose now online at Urban Decay , at Urban Decay Boutiques and exclusively at Selfridges .

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