Lighter than air and cashmere-soft, matte lipstick has just received a modern makeover - and we’re digging it. Just don’t expect it to last all day...

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As much as I love a matte lipstick , they’re often not the most comfortable item in my lip colour wardrobe - especially during the summer months when the thought of wearing something heavy and drying in the heat isn’t exactly appealing. It’s the makeup equivalent of wearing a parka on a beach.

However, Urban Decay has just launched a product that could provide the perfect hot weather alternative - their new range of lip mousses. A new ‘modern matte’ that claims to provide weightless, buildable and budgeproof coverage, it understandably whipped the office into a bit of a frenzy when it landed on our desks. Enclosed in handbag-friendly compacts with pop-out applicators inside and available in eight all-new shades, they’re certainly a treat for the eyes, but what about for the lips? I found out.

What are they like to use?

First things first - the texture. Gliding my finger across them felt like I was stroking cashmere. However, when on, they felt more like chiffon. Extremely lightweight, they were easy to blend with my fingertips for a ‘just-bitten’ effect, while the pop-out applicator provided a handy way to add definition to my lip line and dial up the intensity too.

Swatches of Amplify, Boom and Noise (from top to bottom)

Are they drying?

A little, so I’d recommend popping a slick of lip balm underneath for a little extra moisture. However, they’re certainly not as drying as some other matte lipsticks I’ve tried in the past.

Are they long-lasting?

Disappointingly, no. While they made it through my morning coffees relatively unscathed, my lunchtime wraps proved a test too much for them.

The verdict

Extremely comfortable to wear, these mousses definitely delivered on their ‘weightless’ claim. Great for a wash of colour or something more intense, they provided a range of options at my fingertips. I especially appreciated the inclusion of the pop-out applicator for keeping my efforts neat and tidy. Just don’t expect them to last very long on their own though. If you want to give your handiwork greater staying power, secure with a lip liner.

Urban Decay’s Lo-Fi Lip Mousses are £18 and are available to buy online here.