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With over 285 million views, Wayne Goss has established himself as one of the web’s most watchable makeup artists. The most subscribed male beauty blogger on YouTube , the new Make Up For Ever  Ultra HD Pro Expert and makeup brush founder’s portfolio of top tutorials has provided a legion of loyal fans with the tools and techniques needed to make the art of makeup, that much more accessible.

So who better to talk all things beauty vlogging with than the man himself? From how to get started to getting the upper hand on online trolls, to standing out from the competition to finding your voice, we delved into Wayne’s world to find out his top 10 tips for carving a successful online career both in front of and behind the camera’s lens.

1. Be clear about your intention

Before pressing the record button, map out your key USPs - your key demographics, your messaging, your tone of voice and the type of community you’re looking to create. “When I started about 8 years ago, there were a lot of people on YouTube focusing on putting makeup on themselves rather than teaching people about where to apply it and how,” says Wayne. “I wanted to explain techniques - so I made that my main goal.”

2. Start with the basics

Which topics yield the most traffic? For Wayne, simplicity creates the most successful of starting of blocks when it comes to coming up with subjects. “I wish I could say there was some elaborate plan with it, but in reality, it’s whatever comes to mind when I sit down to film,” he says. “I personally believe it’s best to stick with the basics and basic techniques and make them as simple as possible. When you can do those, you can do almost anything.”

3. Cut the waffle...

...and tune into what makes your channel unique to prevent your audience switching off too soon. “I think I started to do well as I was 29 when I began (so a bit older than others), I was male and my videos were very to the point - I didn’t spend 10 minutes doing an intro,” comments Wayne on his rise from start-up to success. “That combination of factors worked really well for me. It’s all about finding a style that’s your own and keeping it authentic - people notice if you’re copying someone else, so do it your way. Time will tell if your style works on a bigger scale.”

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4. Be consistent

“You have to be consistent on YouTube,” cautions Wayne. “Look at it like a job; upload consistently and be passionate about what you’re doing so it doesn’t become a chore to edit or upload your videos. If you aren’t, it really shows on camera. It’s really hard to fake enthusiasm.”

In terms of making your channel a commercial success, ensure to keep expectations realistic - especially at the beginning. “People often think that if they go on YouTube, they’ll get rich and famous and that doesn’t happen for about 97% of the people that join,” says Wayne. “There’s a saying – ‘If you do what you love, the money will follow,’ and I really believe that.”

5. Be honest

When it comes to building a loyal viewership, trust is perhaps the most important quality a vlogger can have. In fact, it can be the attribute that quickly differentiates you from the rest of the pack. “Be as honest as you can about what you’re talking about,” advises Wayne. “Review without fear.”

6. Keep up to date with (celebrity) trends

The world of beauty is ever-evolving and with people drawing inspiration from runways and red carpets alike, staying on top of what’s trending could give your videos the SEO step above the competition as your audience begins to grow. “Being on top of trends is great for giving traffic a boost,” says Wayne. “Anything current will trend more than something that isn’t.” Think celebrity makeup looks from high profile events or recent music videos for what will be influential in the style and search stakes.

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7. Take inspiration from new product innovation

While trends have their place, tech should be one of the main driving forces behind your videos. With new products and formulations launching by the month, staying ahead of the cosmetics curb is certain to give your channel a fresh angle. “Rather than trends, there are online magazines - such as Get The Gloss – that I look to for inspiration on products,” says Wayne. “If there’s a new foundation or eyeshadow that’s come out and has been heavily hyped up, I look into it in order to see if it’s something that I should try. It’s where my inspiration comes from – does the product work, does it do what it says...”

8. Don’t stand for online trolls

Putting yourself on such a public platform has its advantages, but also its disadvantages too; and no more is this more evident than in the comments section on YouTube. How does Wayne best deal with unscrupulous scrutiny? By using the platform’s monitoring and blocking tools to his advantage. “I cope most of the time,” he says. “I can cope with single threats as chances are, they don’t mean it however, if people start to harass me with threats of violence – I block them rather than allow them to continue, or contact the authorities. You don’t have to be a victim on social media. At the same time though, you can’t block people who just say they hate your video, or that you’re ugly. You have to a build a thick skin. That first negative comment you get though can be soul destroying!”

You don’t have to be a victim on social media

Has he ever been tempted to retaliate? “You sometimes feel the need to justify yourself and there have been times where I’ve done a video and just made reference to it at the beginning or at the end, but you don’t want to do anything that might fuel the fire because they want the response. There’s a saying, ‘Never wrestle with a pig because then you get dirty’ – but that’s easier said than done! Sometimes I do, but most of the time, I stay quiet and do what I need to do – block or monitor their comments so they believe that they’re writing to me, but their posts don’t show up on my page unless I personally allow it.” An effective plan of action if you’re worried blocking them straight away might worsen the situation.

Wayne also tries to view any ‘critique’ with a healthy dose of perspective. “Make sure to view any negative comments in conjunction with the good ones,” he recommends. “I might have 60 negatives out of 2000 comments - a tiny percentage.”

9. Always be aware of your social media posts

If you have even the slightest inkling that something might be misconstrued on social media, veer on the side of caution and don’t post it. It’ll save you a whole heap of stress in the long-term. “Think before you post,” recommends Wayne. “Even if it’s a joke that you think is funny, it can be taken out of context when in a written format. Always be aware.”

10. And finally, just start

Worried of making your YouTube debut because of a lack of expensive equipment? Don’t let it hold you back. “I think people can put off making videos due to the belief that they don’t have the right lighting or camera. However, that is no excuse - you just have to do it and make do with what you have,” says Wayne. “Just because some of the videos on YouTube are made using 4K cameras, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use what you have. The biggest thing is to just start. And pop the comment moderator on when you begin, as it’ll make life a lot more enjoyable!”

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