At least, that’s the name of one of Rihanna’s new all-over body highlighters. We smothered ourselves in Body Lava to see if we came out dewy, or disco ball…

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You can’t move on Instagram these days without scrolling past a ‘lit’ strobed cheekbone, and now bad gal Riri is going the whole hog and basically dipping us in glitter for the spring/summer season. Now that the sun’s finally making a weak appearance, we’re game for  Fenty Beauty’s new Beach Please! Collection , which mainly involves a whole lot of glimmer, pre-loaded shimmer powder puffs and a soft body-buffing kabuki brush to blend it all in with. Get ready to feel a bit Queen of Sheba, a bit Goldfinger, a whole lot glittery. Your inner-thirteen year old prepping for the school disco will love the lot, but how does it work on a real life adult?

The highlights

Launching on 6th April, Body Lava Body Luminizer, £46, is available in two shades- the peach toned Who Need Clothes (in Barbados this might fly, Blighty not so much), and bronze flecked Brown Sugar. Both contain sheeny, sparkly micropearls, and have a transparent finish. Texture-wise, you’ve got a thick gel on your hands.

Also winging its way into Harvey Nichols is Fairy Bomb Glittering Pom Pom, £32, (about as subtle as it sounds), and Face & Body Kabuki Brush, £30. The Pom Pom got lost in the post, but the all-over Kabuki is a beauty- its soft, densely packed bristles offer brilliant control and blending prowess for powder and liquid makeup alike.

The IRL verdict

I tested Who Needs Clothes in the office of a Thursday, and can conclude that, for all over body wear, this is one for the weekend. It’s not one of those barely-there, ever so slightly iridescent luminizers- it has full on glitz going on. The particles are extremely fine, however, and golden rather than silver, so don’t stand out in an alienish way. Body Lava doesn’t pick up too noticeably on camera, but to the naked eye it spangles as you move, and the hint of colour is flattering on my pasty post-winter skin. It is sticky stuff, so I’d highly recommend applying with a mitt or Fenty’s new kabuki brush- buffing your body with small brush is never not delightfully frivolous. Plus that way you’ll end up with a seamless finish.

Once on I didn’t find that Body Lava transferred onto my keyboard/ colleagues, which is probably down to the slightly glue-like texture, and the fragrance lingers too- it’s a pretty potent vanilla scent that brings to mind far-flung sunsets and rather than grey London skylines. Again, you’ll love it, or you’ll hate it. The Body Lava bottle is huge, which is a bonus from a value P.O.V, but you’ll need to decant it if you are actually going on holiday. Both shades flatter all skintones, although Who Needs Clothes is a better fit for fair skintones and Brown Sugar brings out a glow in darker skin, but go with the flow- Rihanna wears both. The generous serving size also allows for many a facial glitter party come festival season.

It’s fair to say that Body Lava won’t be my go to limb lotion, but a for hint of colour and highlighting lustre, it’s a goer. I can imagine it going down a storm on Love Island.

Fenty Beauty Body Lava Body Luminizer, £46,  buy online from 6th April 

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