If frosted finishes frighten you, Lipstick Queen’s Ice Queen Story is sure to change your mind

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Frosted lipsticks may bring on a 90s flashback shudder, but shimmer has well and truly shimmied into the 21st century, and Poppy King , acting as the fairy godmother of frosting, is here to prove it. Her latest Christmas ‘book’, Ice Queen Story, marries the silver and gold flecked, lip illuminating Ice Queen, with the appropriately named (especially given the time of year) Wine Sinner.

At 90% pigment, Wine Sinner doesn’t mess about when it comes to velvety, intense coverage, yet when layered with light and playful Ice Queen it transforms into a glowing, multidimensional sheen. Ice Queen is also transparent, so won’t blank out the natural pink in your lips (instant zombie effect) if you wear it alone as a pale but very interesting gloss. Ice Queen Story is a tale of shadow and light; there’s a time for each, and a time for both. Every good book illustrates that…

Lipstick Queen Ice Queen Story, £35,  buy online