All our prayers have been answered with two new eyeshadow palettes from Charlotte Tilbury; Queen of Glow and The Rebel

It’s our last day of work before breaking up before Christmas, and we were expecting a quiet day - that was, until Charlotte Tilbury announced the launch of two new eyeshadow palettes .

We were like children on Christmas morning when the news dropped in our inbox that the two new palettes, £40 each, are available NOW!

First up is The Queen of Glow palette , which in true Tilbury style allows you to create an angelic golden look worthy of the season. It holds host to sparkling champagne shadow Prime, Enhance, which is a rich gold, plum Smoke which provides a dramatic edge and glowing copper-gold, named Pop.

Secondly is The Rebel , which presents a step away from the Pillow Talk vibe we know and love. This palette houses soft, sultry shades to create a khaki-gold smokey eye, flattering all skin tones and ages. Shadows including a sparkling gold, a deep molten khaki green, a twinkling olive green and shimmering, mossy gold.

“I want to give the world the ability to embrace their naughtiest, most rebellious side, so I have expertly colour curated my Rebel palette with universally flattering gold to bronzy-khaki shades for a modern green smokey eye,” says Charlotte. “It’s my most seductive green gaze ever!”

We're keeping our fingers crossed that they'll be in our stocking come Christmas morning...