Want more length, volume, definition or curl than your usual mascara is delivering? Lash Out Loud Mascara Wands at your service

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Even the makeup magician that is Charlotte Tilbury  will admit that no one mascara does it all. While many of us find *the one* in terms of a foundation, concealer, blusher or bronzer - and stick with it- mascara can be a more slippery makeup fish, despite being an everyday, desert island staple for most women. The mascara wand is as crucial, if not more so, than the actual formula, and depending on the shape of your eye, length, curl and thickness of your lashes, plus your desired final effect, a mascara that makes your pal look like Bambi could well make your lashes look blah and meh. The thing is, we don’t all have wads of cash to splash on a curated mascara wardrobe, which is where  Lash Out Loud Mascara Wands  come in…

What are they?

Disposable silicone mascara spoolies designed to be dipped into your regular mascara to tailor the finished result to whatever look you’re going for on any given day. This isn’t necessarily a new idea (clean spoolies have been on the market for yonks), but the LOL Wands (anything named ‘LOL wand’ gets a look in on name alone in my book) bring something new to the table in that they create four different ‘styles’. Here’s your colour coded mascara menu:

Yellow: Volume. With fluffy bristles and a chunky shape, this wand picks up a lot of mascara and adds a lovely fullness and weightiness to lashes. If you’ve got a lot of lashes to coat in the first place, yellow will be your jam as it grabs them all in a few sweeps.

Orange: Length. More comb like in style, this wand also picks up a lot of product, but it creates a cleaner, more defined finish. If the thought of clumps makes you shudder, orange will be your go-to, and this wand is also perfect for those with smaller, sparser lashes , as it zooms in on even the most petite of eyelashes.

Pink: Curl. This wand has longer bristles on one edge to catch lashes and coax them onwards and upwards. Use from the root for ultimate lift.

Purple: Definition. With a scary-looking spiky grenade ball on one end, this wand allows you to get up close and personal with lashes from root to tip, building intensity at the outer edges of the eye or delicately applying mascara to the bottom lashes without ending up looking too ‘panda’ as can often happen if you use your usual bushy brush. Basically, this is the precision tool of mascara applicators.

What are they like to use?

Lightweight and easy to wield, they’re the perfect solution if you’ve bought a mascara and for whatever reason it’s not working for you- replace the original brush with a LOL wand and your lacklustre investment has legs. As above they’re also very handy if you’d like a neat lower lash line without forking out for a specific lower lash mascara. Adding to the incredible LOL economics, it’ll cost you £5.50 for an assortment of twelve and they can be washed and reused, although, alongside balancing your actual mascara brush somewhere in your bathroom to replace it with one of these, the whole business can get a bit messy.

To add to to LOL wands assets, they can also be employed to neaten brows and comb through  brow product , as well as give flaky mascara the once over when used dry. Hell, even brush your fringe with one if it’s desperate times. Just, whatever you do, don’t push the wand too far into your mascara tube- I ended up with a bit of a stalemate wand situation and had to go on a hunt for a different mascara to avoid being late for work. Gently does it.

The verdict?

I was most impressed by Yellow for adding a bit of sooty drama to roots and Orange for separating both upper and lower lashes and really getting mascara exactly where you want it. The sea-urchin shaped Purple has had less use because...niche. As far as curling goes, Pink perhaps wasn’t the right shape for my eye to have a noticeable ‘push-up’ effect, but it’s a perfectly neat and adequate applicator. All things considered, at less than 50p a wand,  a ‘pick n mix’ element is very welcome, and I’ll no doubt move on to the other two once my faves are a goner. LOL= lots of love here.

Lash Out Loud Mascara Wands, £5.50 for twelve,  buy online 

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