We’d only just got our heads around BB Creams, when a new CC Cream wave hit our shores, leaving us scratching our heads once again

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Some of the biggest beauty brands around have recently introduced CC Creams to their product lineup. Are they truly worth the hype or just an unnecessary addition to our already heaving makeup bags?

Our verdict? There may actually be something in this latest beauty craze. So why should you buy a CC Cream?

1. What is a CC cream?

Essentially, they act as way of minimising particular areas of skin discoloration, specifically targeting redness, dark spots and purple under-eye circles. These products provide an extra bit of oomph to makeup, neutralising problem spots and counteracting uneven skin tone.

We were cynical at first, however we have to admit we’ve grown quite fond of the new techni-coloured wave of CCs, which seem to be more deserving of the term ‘colour corrector’ than their flesh-toned predecessors.

2. How do you use a CC Cream?

As they’re designed to be worn underneath your foundation, we found using our fingertips was the best form of application for those with creamy textures. For powders, it’s best to use the applicator first and then blend outwards with your fingertips afterwards.

3. What are the best CC Creams?

So what is the best CC Cream for you and which shade is your perfect match? Here are the ones we believe are the real cream of the crop, no matter your skin tone or colour-correction issue.

Best for texture: MAC Prep & Prime Colour Correcting Range, from £20

Buy online  www.maccosmetics.co.uk

Whether you have a preference for cream  or compact, pressed  or loose powder , all bases are covered with MAC’s new range of CCs. According to MAC Senior Artist Dominic Skinner, “Now, not only can you get sun protection, hydration, oil control, smoother skin texture and a longer lasting foundation, but you can also tone down any redness, sallow undertone or uneven pigmentation before applying foundation.”

Which CC Cream should you try? To disguise redness, opt for Neutralize (yellow), to add warmth use Adjust (peachy beige) and to even out deeper skin tones, try Recharge (Apricot). Our particular favourite has to be the pressed powder in Adjust, which comes with a handy mirror for colour correcting top-ups on-the-go.

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Best for long-term correction: YSL CC Crème Forever Light Creator, £30

Buy online  www.yslbeauty.co.uk

The latest addition to YSL’s skin perfecting Forever Light range merges a bevy of anti-ageing benefits together with fresh-faced coverage. Best for fair to medium skin tones, the formulation contains a cocktail of ingredients to diffuse imperfections and tackle long term irregularities by minimizing pores, improving skin texture and reducing fine lines.

Which CC Cream should you try? To rectify dullness, Rose will help provide a brightening boost and we found Apricot great for fighting fatigue.

Best for an even skin tone: Bobbi Brown CC Cream SPF 35, £29

Buy online  www.bobbibrown.co.uk

Great for creating luminosity and a healthy glow just in time for spring, this trio of complexion perfectors gives a fresh natural finish when worn alone or underneath your foundation.

Which CC Cream should you try? With an SPF of 35 and a smooth creamy texture that offers greater coverage, choose from either Pale Nude (a lavender pink for fair skin tones), Warm Nude (a peach for medium skin tones) or Golden Nude (a warmer shade for deep skin tones) to take the place of your primer to prep and hydrate skin before makeup. We love all of them.

Best for precision application: Max Factor Color Corrector ‘CC’ Sticks, £8.99 (available from the 1st of April)

Less Crayola and more clever cover-up, don’t let these colourful crayons fool you into thinking they should be in your pencil case rather than your makeup bag. Ideal for targeting specific problem areas, they effectively neutralise any discoloration with minimal effort.

Which CC Cream should you try? In our opinion, the best ones to invest in are the green one for redness and the yellow one for purple under-eye circles. We love the highlighter too - the soft texture and iridescent finish provide a handbag-friendly alternative to your pot of High Beam.