Rose Inc. is the Brit supermodel’s so far hush hush new beauty brand. Here’s what we reckon we could be in for, and how to find out first

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Rosie Huntington Whiteley  isn’t playing when it comes to making her mark in the beauty industry. Her hugely successful Rosie for Autograph makeup range  at M&S meant that you could get your hands on a high quality yet affordable highlighter, blusher or shimmery shadow stick when you pick up some new pants (possibly designed by RHW also), while a close friend of mine recently chose a Rosie x Autograph lipstick to wear on her wedding day because it was so flattering and long-wearing.

Now Rosie has turned her discerning eye and taste for fresh, natural makeup into a beauty brand of her own. We don’t yet know exactly what’s in the pipeline for Rose Inc, but we’re told it’s along the lines of ‘beauty from the insider out’, presumably relating to Rosie’s acquired knowledge from years in the experts’ makeup chairs, plus possible contributions from said experts. Given the millennial pink aesthetic on show on Rose Inc’s Instagram account, which launched on Monday, we’re guessing that Rosie is capitalising on the blush and ‘glow’ look she appears to love, and a past interview we ran with her revealed lipstick as one of her staples , whether nude, bold or somewhere in between. Seeing as she told us that her beauty muses were Elizabeth Taylor (glamorous) and Diane Kruger (low key and au naturel), anything could happen really, but the fact that makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes  appears to have done her makeup for the Rose Inc shoot also indicates that something cool this way comes- Hughes is a regular on set for Glossier  campaigns and is particularly known for her use of innovative, creamy textures (she essentially got the eye gloss trend  off the ground) and creating gorgeous skin, as is the Glossier USP. The blush pink theme ring bells too. We’ll report back with Rose Inc intel as soon as we have it, but in the meantime sign up to Rose Inc  for updates…