Put down the lipstick and step away – we’re wasting £180K in our lifetimes on unused products

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We’re all guilty of it. We convince ourselves that we need it, must have it, can’t live without it... only to let it get lost in the bottom of our makeup bags. These harmless purchases leave us with a staggering 5,846 untouched cosmetics over a lifetime. To put that into perspective, these wasted products are draining around £180,000 from our bank accounts.

Out of the 840 moisturisers, 360 nail polishes and 300 lipsticks we accumulate on average, we only use a tiny 10 per cent, research by Vaseline showed. Also, despite owning up to 100 products each year, shockingly 77% of us use less than 10 items regularly.

The most popular item that we grip on to is nail polish, followed by shampoos and conditioners and lipsticks and lip glosses, then perfumes and shower gels.

The results also showed that we can’t get angry at the men in our lives when they complain. Males own an average of only 12 products a year. And the most annoying part? They use 100 per cent of them, making our requests to take over his sock drawer seem slightly inadequate.

So, unless it was given the GTG seal of approval in a Daily Crush , or received a high score in our Gloss Report , put that item down and your bank account will start to look a lot healthier as a result. Just think of all the shoes you could buy... Oh, wait.