Amazon bestselling beauty brand Wunder2 has become the first cosmetics company to roll out an Amazon Alexa 'skill', and if you like what you hear, you can buy beauty products by simply saying the word. We predict a voice-controlled beauty revolution…

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“Alexa, what’s the beauty tip of the day?”

If Amazon Alexa already features in your morning routine, this could become a regular topic of conversation if London based beauty brand Wunder2  has any say in the matter. The company, whose  Wunderbrow thickening eyebrow gel  is an Amazon top ten seller in the beauty category, is the first to launch an Amazon Alexa 'skill' (i.e. a capability) in the cosmetics arena, with a dedicated channel offering beauty advice and product recommendations that is updated daily.

It’s not just brows that Alexa will home in on either- from party beauty looks to troubleshooting, Wunder2 plan out a schedule of topics in advance, meeting every week to discuss new angles and areas of interest. Soon the team will add video content to accompany Alexa’s advice so you can be visually guided and talked through techniques and looks, in the manner of an actual makeup artist. If you need the tools to make a certain look happen, they’ve got that in the bag too- you can shop by voice, while a Wunder2 Dash Button  also allows you to restock instantly when you’ve run out of your favourite product. So far, so futuristic, although replenishment at your fingertips ain't free (you'll have to shell out £4.99 for the button). Convenience comes at a price.

Retail and PR experts predict, however, that Alexa-as-personal-shopper will become a far more popular option in the year to come - according to Walker Sands, 19 per cent of us shopped through a voice controlled device this year, and 33 per cent look set to do so in 2018.

Just beware of any tipsy encounters with Alexa or your dash button - it’s all too easy to forget that chat or innocent finger tap by morning, until the 29 eyebrow pencils arrive, that is. So far, the beauty tip skill has only been shared with select Wunder2 customers, but the service and accompanying video content will beam its way into your homes in the new year. Cutting edge eyebrows and tech unite.

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