Glossier launches in the UK on 9th of October. This is not a drill. Here’s what we’ll be stocking up on

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Torturously, we’ve received several parcels addressed as  ‘Into The Gloss’  in error over the past few months. We’ve had to give them back (dammit), but we’ve known that something is up. Something mega this way comes, and it goes by the name of  Glossier .

The “skin first, makeup second” beauty brand born out of CEO Emily Weiss’ editorial site Into The Gloss, Glossier has whipped up a storm since start-up day one thanks to its inclusive, community-based approach to product development, edit of simple yet high quality skin-centric basics and kitsch packaging. We’ve been harassing US based mates to ship it our way since its launch three years ago, but no longer. Weiss is as psyched to meet you as you will be the Glossier product line too, as it happens:

“Since day one, we’ve dreamt of making Glossier a global beauty brand that celebrates girls and beauty in real life. We’ve always been internationally focused thanks to the Into The Gloss readership and our community on social media. Now we’re excited to actually get Glossier in their hands.”

We predict a Glossier goldrush, so here are a few standout products to get you started:

Balm Dotcom

One of the first Glossier products to come to market, the suitably digital sounding universal skin salve has since been remixed into various fruity flavours and shades, which should appeal to five and fifty year olds alike. Formula is consistent across the collection: think omega fatty acids to plump lips and nourish chapped skin, beeswax to keep moisture in and hydrating antioxidant plant oils to protect skin from environmental damage. So not just cutesy packaging and bubblegum flavours then.

Milky Jelly Cleanser

A no-frills, functional cleanser that emulsifies to a creamy gel, whips off grime gently and can be used around the eye area with no risk of irritation (the cleansing agent is the same as used in contact lens solutions). Refreshing and conditioning, it leaves skin soothed and soft, rather than tight and squeaky, although you’ll need something more heavy duty at the end of the day if you’re removing  waterproof makeup or long-wearing foundation . With a rosewater base and vitamin enriched formula, it’s a kind way to clean, and can be used either wet or dry.

Super Bounce

I’ve selected this particular Glossier “Super’ serum as we’re transitioning seasons and dehydration is rife, but there are three Supers to choose from depending on skin type and condition. Super Bounce is essentially a long, cool drink of hyaluronic acid  for your face. Nothing more, nothing less. There’s no fragrance (less is generally more in the fragrance department where skin health is concerned) or skincare fireworks, just moisture-boosting, suits-all skin-plumping molecules. Super simple.

Cloud Paint

A gel-cream blusher inspired by New York sunsets (the dream), Cloud Paint may look more ‘art class’ than ‘dressing table’, but as colour cosmetics go, it’s foolproof, and that’s saying a lot for a “wet” blusher (it’s normally far too easy to veer into clown face territory). Sheer in colour and light and cooling in texture, it’s a healthy glow in a tube that won’t mask your skin or make you look alarmingly flushed, ever.

Boy Brow

The brow market has boomed by 210 per cent in the UK since 2011 according to the NPD Group, and given its popularity Stateside, the arrival of the much-lauded Boy Brow will likely see the full and fluffy brow trend ascend even further. A cream-wax-mousse combo available in three shades alongside a transparent option, the thickener, tamer and all-round brow conditioner enhances all eyebrows without making them look fake or blocky in the slightest. As with Cloud Paint, it’s hard to overdo it yet you can build it up for effect. What makeup should be, really.


There’s bang average highlighters, and then there are highlighters enriched with moisturizers, glow-giving plant oils and uh, crystals. Enter Haloscope. The centre of the highlighting stick is clear, to give you a sheeny rather than overly sequinned effect, and three jewel inspired colourways create sunkissed or simply dewy luminosity, depending on your skintone. Swipe over collarbones, create the ultimate glossy eye  or big up your cheekbones- however you use it, you can be sure that you won’t look like a glitterball.

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