Follow our step-by-step for fun pastel-coloured Easter nails

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Forget hot cross buns and Lindt bunnies, Mini Eggs are the undisputed being thing about Easter, which is why this year we're doing more than nibbling them and adding them to chocolate cornflake nests. With the help of nail technician Aimee Purser, we're attempting Mini Egg inspired nails.

Mini Egg nails step by step tutorial

1. Start by prepping your nail, file and shape it to your liking, push back and trim the cuticles and apply a base coat. Cure or allow to dry.

2. Once your base coat has cured/dried, apply the first later of your background colour. I went for a gradient of bright spring pastels to mimic the colours of mini eggs. Cure this layer or allow to dry.

3. Once your first coat of colour has cured/dried, apply a second coat. You want your background to be a solid colour. Cure/allow to dry. If you feel you need a more solid colour, you can repeat this step a third time.

4. Put a little blob of brown and or grey polish on to a nail pallet or little piece of foil. I have used a brown and a taupe/grey and mixed the two.

5. Using a toothpickck, apply little dots and smudge to the nails to give a speckled effect. Cure or dry your speckled layer.

6. Apply a matte topcoat to the nails and cure/dry.

7. Finish off with some cuticle oil  and enjoy your mini egg inspired nails this Easter.

Mini Egg nails kit

Pastel hues, matte topcoat and grey polish to recreate the look

Essie Core Nail Polish Feelin' Poppy Collection in shade 721 Sway in Crochet , £7.99

We know there aren't any blue Mini Eggs, but this sky shade is too pretty to resist.

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Cienna Rose Don't Sugar Coat It, £9

The prettiest pastel, plus it's enriched with pro vitamin B5, vitamin E and infused with lemongrass oil to nourish the nails too.

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Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Polish in Lemon Sorbet, £3.99

Everyone knows the yellow Mini Egg is the best one, after all...

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Essie Serene Slate Grey nail colour, £7.99

Perfect for the eggs speckles and a great autumn shade for when September rolls around again.

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Jessica Reward Basecoat for Normal Nails, £11.95

This contains vitamins A, C D and E to nourish nails under the fun colours.

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OPI Matte Top Coat, £12.40

The perfect finishing touch for long-lasting nails.

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