Susannah Taylor discovers the first skincare range to target fitness fanatics

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You'd have thought with all the trillions of beauty products on the market that somebody, before now, would have invented a body care range dedicated to fitness and skin. Well, they hadn't (stinky smelling muscles rubs don't count), but they have now. Mio (whose Mama Mio products I used to use in pregnancy) have created a total skincare range aimed at keeping the largest organ in our body - our skin - performing at peak condition.

Aimed at maintaining the best skin possible that’s achievable on a human being, the range contains products that tone, buff and beautify the skin, but also for fit-ites,  there are genius products to use pre, during and post exercise. My favourites are the Workout Wonder - a cocktail of zingy spearmint, muscle-protecting arnica and restoring magnesium, applied before a workout it leaves skin tingling and alive; afterwards it cools and eases muscles.

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I also love the Liquid Yoga - a restorative bath soak containing lavender, mandarin and chamomile, and The Activist, a firming body oil that leaves skin all plumped and gleaming (with no oily after-slick that will prevent you from putting your clothes on and going to work). One of my favourites though is the Double Buff Enzyme Exfoliator which banishes your old skin and replaces it with something as soft as a supermodel's in thirty seconds flat.

An amazing range and brand that also gives out a very positive message - "We ban the words ‘anti-ageing’ in our office," says brand owner Tanya, "There is no such thing." - the brand is also free from nasties such as parabens, artificial colourants, smells, lauryl sulphate and glycols.

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