Modern glamour is not all about a red lip and a smokey eye. Leading make-up artist and ambassador for M&S make-up Kay Montano shows us how to use an autumnal make-up palette to dazzling romantic effect

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We can all get stuck in a beauty rut, using that same old brown pencil every time we go out, that same nearly-nude lipstick that’s just a shade darker than our lips. But this season, GTG challenges you to say "So what?” to safe and to break the habit of a lifetime with some of the beautiful, flattering autumnal make-up shades on the market. Here Kay combines a shimmering olive green on eyes with a deep berry lip to create a extraordinarily flattering take on evening glamour that would suit all skin tones from very pale to black.

Step1: Fast track to flawlessness

While summer skin was all about glow, radiance and sheen, autumn’s base should be all about perfection. Kay uses a make-up sponge to apply foundation, starting in the centre of the face and blending outwards (this is where she says we need the most help). She has then applied a touch of liquid illuminator along the upper cheekbones to catch the light.
Kay used: Autograph SPF 15 Invisible Cover Natural Finish Foundation, £12 and Liquid Glow Illuminator in White, £9.50,

Step 2: Go green

It’s so easy to stick to the same boring greys and browns on eyes, but take inspiration from Kay and switch to a moss green this season instead for a stunning, very flattering effect. “Blending is absolutely essential,” says Kay. Here she used a large, round eye shadow brush to build romantic softness. Her top trick is to line up a folded tissue against the lower lids during application. This stops the powder falling all over your cheeks then when held against the under outer corners of the eyes provides a shape guide as you wing the colour out.

Kay used: Autograph Pure Colour Duo Eyeshadow in Green, £8.50,

Step 3: Bat for lashes

Mascara is essential equipment for making the green eyeshadow really pop and adding instant drama. Kay has applied a couple of coats here to intensify the look. She then curled the lashes.
Kay used: Autograph Amplified Lashes Volumising Mascara in Black, £9.50,

Step 4: Blushing beauty

There’s no reason to be frightened of blusher – few people look worse wearing blusher if it is applied well. The key, says Kay, is to use a big blusher brush to create a soft halo effect and to apply it from the apple of the cheek, blending softly up the cheekbones.
Kay used: Pür Minerals Universal Marble Powder in Pink, £22.50,

Step 5: Berry-bitten lips

Berry shades are the lip colours of the season. When is comes to application, Kay suggests applying a veil of powder to lips first which will make the colour more pigmented. She uses a flat lip brush and starts in the centre, working outwards.

“Apply a layer of lipstick and blot with a issue and then re-apply to increase the density of the pigment,” says Kay, “Do this a few times to reach the level of intensity you require.”
Kay used: Limited Collection Lipstick in Plum, £5,

Make-up by Kay Montano at D & V Management
Hair by Maarit Niemela at D &V Management
Model Anna Korzun at Models 1
Styling and words by Susannah Taylor