Make-up artist Kay Montano helps us spring clean our make-up bags so we're ready to face the new season in style. By Susannah Taylor

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Wintry shades begone! Spring make-up is all about splashes of bold, beautiful colour.

Make-up artist Kay Montano  shows you how to shed your winter make-up wardrobe and break out of your comfort zone in just five easy-to-follow steps. Let's finally wave goodbye to the darks of winter and say a happy hello to spring sunshine...

Step 1: First base

At this time of year, when the heating and cold weather is causing your skin to dry out, flake out and often become congested too, the temptation is to apply a heavier base to cover your skin issues. This, unfortunately can only make matters worse.

My advice, for the clearest looking complexion is to use a gentle exfoliator to remove any debris before moisturising and applying a light base. Kay then recommends using a sponge to blend foundation from the centre of the face outwards for the sheerest, most flawless, poreless finish.

Kay used: Autograph SPF 15 Invisible Cover Natural Finish Foundation , £12

Step 2: Turquoise twist

Smokey eyes – we love them as much as we love a nude lip, but after what seems like an endless winter of kohl smudges and graphic flicks, we think it’s high time for a change. Here, Kay has used a deep turquoise powder shadow on the upper lids. Using a flat make-up brush she has pressed it into the skin to ensure intense, rather than wishy-washy colour.

Kay used: Marks and Spencer's Limited Collection Mono Eyeshadow  in Jade, £4

Step 3: Softly softly

As you would for a smokey eye, Kay has then used a soft, more rounded brush to wing the eyeshadow out to the sides, deepening the eye socket area. See how she has also brought it round to the inner corner of the eye to enhance the feline shape.

Kay used: Autograph Eyeshadow Brush , £6

Step 4: Dive into the blue

If you think bold colour is clown-like then think again. The way in which Kay has used a soft sweep of blue under the model’s eyes actually breaks up and prettifies the intensity of the turquoise on the upper lids.

Kay used: Marks and Spencer’s Limited Edition Collection Mono Eyeshadow  in Bright Blue, £4

Step 5: Couture coral

In order to keep this look modern and sophisticated - and away from Barbie world - it is essential to use a lipstick rather than a gloss, and one that has no shimmer. Kay uses a small flat lip brush for precision application, starting in the centre of the lips and working outwards to the lip edges.

Kay used: Autograph Moisture Colour Lipstick  in Coral, £8.50 and Autograph Lipstick and Concealer Brush , £7.50

And finally...

Nails were painted in Autograph’s Quick Dry Nail Colour  in Granite, £5. Wear them on short, rounded nails.

Photographs by Billie Scheepers

Make-up by Kay Montano at D&V Management

Hair by Maarit Niemela at D&V Management

Model – Anna Korzun at Models 1

Clothes: Dress by Milly and bracelet by Erickson Beamon, both

Styling and words by  Susannah Taylor