In search of better sleep, whiter teeth and possibly the most 'oooh'-worthy facial on the planet? Right this way...

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This week I was judging the Get The Gloss Beauty Awards with makeup artist Wendy Rowe and we agreed that in our 50s, looking good was less about makeup, more about getting our skin in the best shape possible with great skincare and effective treatments. (It has to be said that Wendy practically invented the 'no-makeup makeup' look). 

In recent years, I've leaned into this with tricks that mean I'm already  'done' when I wake up. My brows are filled and coloured thanks to Suzanne Martin's semi-permanent brow artistry, I don't need mascara courtesy of long-lasting lash extensions by Camilla Lashes, my base is halfway there with fake tan (current favourite Coco & Eve Face Tanning Micromist, £18.40) and my teeth are pearly white thanks to a new and non-sensitising whitening treatment I had recently at Dr Rhona Eskander's Chelsea Dental Clinic.

My editor's picks this month (and every month) very much reflect this with a holistic facial that lifts while you nap, a microcurrent gadget I can do while watching the Beckham documentary (late to the party, I know) and a skincare collection that calms hormonal skin. And my beauty sleep is improving thanks to wool bedding that's supremely sustainable and luxe (no, it's not in the least bit itchy). 

The one bit of makeup I never skip is blush - and there's a brilliant new one from another industry makeup legend Ruby Hammer (which got a thumbs up from Wendy too). Enjoy!

Here are 8 beauty and wellness finds that really stood out for me and I'm confident that you'll love

The holistic facelift

If you love face massage and want a facial that also gives you a noticeable glow and lift, then Rejuvology, a holistic treatment that blends facial fascia stretching (who knew?) with sculpting massage, facial cupping, lymphatic drainage, gua sha and even buccal facial massage (inside the mouth) plus performance skincare is coming your way. Its creator, the legendary facialist Abigail James has trained 50 therapists to offer it worldwide with more in the pipeline. It’s a truly nurturing facial that looks after all of you – not just your face. I felt my tension melt away.

Find a Rejuvology clinic near you. Price depends on location.


The cool candle

With names such as Tryst & Forgiveness, Whine & Grind, Dropped & Mopped; Control and Chaos are the chicest candles to be gifting right now. Just landed at Space NK, these six modern blends are the work of a former Cult Beauty bigwig, who felt that many luxury candles fell short, and an interior designer with a stellar clientele. They bring together fragrance combos that shouldn’t work together but just do (a bit like chips and ice cream, so my teens tell me). This one - Control and Chaos Paranoia and Peppercorn Candle, £55 - blends, citrus, pepper and patchouli to conjure ‘70s cool, free love and a faint whiff of weed’. I wouldn’t go that far, but if you’re stressed, it’s a delicious invitation to chill out.


25% deeper sleep

‘Would you like to come to Chatsworth to meet the sheep?’ said wool bedding brand Woolroom. You couldn’t get me on the train to Derbyshire fast enough. I met the stately home ewes, who supply the organic wool for the Deluxe Washable Collection of duvets, pillows and mattress toppers, which has been measured to give 25 per cent more regenerative sleep largely thanks to being temperature regulating and allergy friendly.  It's sustainable and easily biodegradable, unlike synthetic bedding that spends hundreds of years in landfill. If you want to make the switch choose the Woolroom Deluxe Washable Pillow, £84.99 which you can make thicker or thinner by adding or removing the innards. It’s a pillow for life. Simply fluff up every couple of weeks. Sweet dreams!


The cheeky new makeup stick

Nineties makeup brand Ruby and Millie was way ahead of its time with creative packaging and cool textures and this blush trio by makeup legend Ruby Hammer (the Ruby part of the duo) reminds me very much of its heyday. The Ruby Hammer Cheek Colour, £24 twist-up sticks in red, pink, and slightly iridescent nude are decently pigmented and act like a cream cheek stain that can also be used to ‘pop’ lips. The staying power is impressive – not true of most cream blushes. As I get older, I wear less makeup but am never without blush. The pink is my new favourite.


Hormonal skin heroes

Meeting brand founder Jackie Lamyman, I would never have guessed that she’d had the slightest trouble with her perimenopausal skin until she told me what a battle it had been. Luckily for us, it’s one that has led to Made of More, a performance skincare range aimed at outwitting all the damage that fluctuating hormones inflict on our faces. She has worked hard to create ‘experiential’ textures in a scent-free range that has all the goodies you need such as ceramides, peptides and anti-inflammatory CBG, with none of the irritants. My favourite is the gel-to-oil Cleansing Balm, £38.


The natural dry clean for clothes

Sometimes your delicates, wools and silks don’t actually need a wash or dry clean, they just need a refresh to nix any odours. This spray - By Matter Another Day Bio-Active Fabric Freshener, £24 - is suitable for all fabrics, works on the same principle as a natural deodorant using probiotics to neutralise the bacteria that cause the smell. I tried it on my very niffy Varley sports bra (that I can’t afford to replace any time soon, and so don’t want to wash every time I wear it) and it transformed into laundry fresh.  I love the chic ‘perfume’ bottle too. It has a faint lavender smell, that’s barely detectable on your clothes and you only need a tiny bit.


Teeth whitening for sensitive souls

I’ve failed at so many whitening systems because the trays are either too uncomfortable to wear at night or the gel gives me searing gum sensitivity. I’ve finally cracked it with Enlighten Evo 4, available only from dentists. I went to the Chelsea Dental Clinic where it cost £895. It’s pricey but results last because they build up over the course of three weeks as you graduate to a stronger gel every week, with special gum swabs to stop any sensitivity. Once you have the kit, top-up gels cost £45 every six months or so. It’s less restrictive than others I’ve tried, that say no red wine or coffee for the duration. Here it’s only for an hour or so afterwards. Plus they guarantee to get you to the lightest shade on the chart.


Netflix and lift

The Foreo Bear, a microcurrent device that tightens and tones is the ultimate ‘Netflix’ beauty tool. Now there’s an upgraded version, Foreo Bear 2, £349 (pictured in pink), with additional stronger levels of microcurrent, (you do need to build up, it’s the strongest handheld microcurrent device on the market) plus a version for eyes and lips, a mini and one for the body, which targets legs and upper arms.  As with all beauty gadgets you have to be consistent. Use every day for the first two months. I found this pretty easy to add to my (Netflix) routine. I take my makeup off, apply the conductivity serum (a lovely hyaluronic acid gel that you don’t need to rinse) and spend three to ten minutes gliding the globes over my face. Truly uplifting!