The new Nails Inc Paint Can range looks set to revolutionise nail polish as we know it. Is it really worth the hype though? We put it to the test

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Is Spray On Polish the future of the nails industry? If the new Paint Can range from Nails Inc has anything to do with it, the way we paint our nails could be set to change for good.

Designed for those short on time but longing for professional looking results, with only the additional application of base coat, it promises to be the ‘world’s fastest manicure:’ no more smudges, next to no drying time and no more fuss.

The first of its kind, suffice to say we couldn’t wait to put it through its paces as soon as it arrived at GTG HQ. Here are the questions that we all needed answering...

How do you apply it?

In a nutshell: base, shake, spray and rinse with the all-important base coat proving pivotal in terms of providing something for the colour to adhere to. Below is the how-to that we followed and how each translated from tip to, well, actual tips.

“Step 1: This part is essential – you must apply a base coat, we suggest Paint Can’s Best Friend – the  Nails Inc 2 in 1 Base and Top Coat , £8. Allow to dry. Or apply The Paint Can over your nail polish for a speedy colour change.”

GTG verdict: So far, so good. A great base coat that took about a minute to dry.

“Step 2: Shake the Paint Can and from a distance of 10-15cm, spray the polish directly onto the nail area. (Cover and protect the surface you are spraying on to).”

GTG verdict: After a short amount of time testing out the nozzle in order to find the right pressure, we were good to go and were soon smoothly spritzing the polish on like a pro.

The colour sprays onto the surrounding skin, (don’t worry, it’s meant to), but this way it provides full and even coverage on each nail. Ensure that it’s done though on top of some tissue paper to keep post-application messiness to a minimum - this is essential.

“Step 3: For a longer lasting mani, apply a top coat. Allow to dry.”

GTG verdict: Again, the Nails Inc 2 in 1 polish made for an effective fast-drying option. If you would like a shinier finish though, we suggest trying a glossier variation.

“Step 4: With warm soapy water, wash away any excess Paint Can polish from skin and cuticles. Or use facial wipes when on-the-go.”

GTG verdict: The excess washed off pretty easily, with only a little extra scrubbing needed as we got closer to the actual nail. Soapy water was preferable over a facial wipe for more thorough removal.

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How long does it take?

From start to finish, our DIY manicure using the silver foil shade, 'Shoreditch House,' took around 12 minutes to complete. And it was bone dry to the touch too.

Is it messy?

A bit, but not as much as expected. Provided you do it over some tissue paper, then you’re fine. The excess washes off the surrounding skin very easily indeed, while keeping your manicure intact. Extremely clever stuff.

Do you need more than one coat?

Not necessarily for coverage - more so in terms of achieving a longer lasting mani. One coat of ‘Shoreditch House’ was all that was needed for us to achieve a futuristic chromatic finish for a night out. Until we got the hang of it though, a few small extra spritzes were needed to fill in any gaps - but the results were noticeably smoother than if we had used normal nail polish.

Can you remove it easily?

Very. Perhaps even more easily than brush-on nail polish due to how thinly the spray can distributes the colour onto the nail.

Is it long-lasting?

It remained chip-free for a day using one coat on short nails. Two coats would be better for greater staying power.

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And finally, how does it compare to traditional nail polish?

Quite simply, it’s a game-changer. If it were available in a wider range of colours, it could (and this is going to sound pretty bold), replace our favourite bottles of brush-on polish. At the moment though, it’s only available in two shades: the hot neon pink ‘Hoxton Square’ and the silver foil ‘Shoreditch House,’ but fingers crossed more are in the pipeline.

Suffice to say, we feel this is one launch set to be huge, and is truly worthy of the hype. It has the feel and look of a nail polish - but it takes it to the next level: it's faster, smoother, smarter and possibly, better in our opinion.

Nails Inc Paint Can, RRP £10, will be available from Thursday the 12th of November 2015. See  for stockists.

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