This Super Elixir will have you strutting your stuff supermodel-style

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We’d all love to look like Elle Macpherson. Right? Well now we can, thanks to the launch of the supermodel’s secret bio live supplement The Super Elixir by WelleCo. A specialised blend of alkalising greens, vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes, the elixir promises balance and bodily tranquility in abundance. Derived from whole foods, it is easily absorbed at a cellular level and designed to encourage the optimum function of all areas of the body, including the hormonal, circulatory and nervous systems.

For optimum results Elle’s Elixir is best taken daily. It’s light with a hint of lime zest mixed into water, but also perfect with almond milk or smoothies. You can even sprinkle it over salad for a body-loving lunchtime boost. The magic mix starts to work within a few days, and after a week you’ll be feeling just as super as the model herself. It’s also great to take first thing in the morning or before a workout as improved alkaline balance in the body often leads to increased energy levels and better overall performance.

Just looking at Elle is pretty much all the proof we need for The Super Elixir’s credentials, and if it’s a step in the right direction towards getting that elusive supermodel glow, we’re sold.

The Super Elixir by WelleCo, £96, available to buy online from  Selfridges