We love getting creative with our nails, but we're not too sure about the latest talon trend...

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Nail art can be a beautiful thing. We love nothing better than admiring the handiwork of nail couture pros Sophy Robson , Marian Newman  and David Barton  at many a London Fashion Week show.

However, the new Rad Nails cuticle tattoos seem a step too far in our opinion. We don’t think there’s ever been a time when upon examining our newly trimmed, post-manicure cuticles, we’ve thought, “Let’s tattoo these bad boys.”

The range of temporary tats is described as “an easy way to accent your nail art”. Designed to sit just below the cuticle area, they’re available in points, pinches, moons and rather gory-looking “Double Drips” (which make nails look like they’re bleeding as opposed to the intended paint splats). It’s safe to say that the designs don’t exactly paint nails in the most flattering of lights.

We’re all for new and unique forms of body art, but this latest offering seems to err more on the side of tacky than trailblazing. We much prefer the huge selection of other options currently available at our fingertips. Check out Topshop’s selection of nail art designs for example complete with handy step-by-steps - try their Nail Art Set in Holographic,  £18 and Nail Art Brush Kit in Neon Pink , £10. Failing that just pop on an on-trend top coat  over your favourite nail colour instead.

As far as asking our manicurists to decorate rather than dispose of what is essentially dead skin, we think we’ll stick to our trusty talon tidy-ups instead. We’re crossing our fingers that this is one trend that doesn’t take off - but just in case it does, we could always just turn the tats around and use them as quirky nail transfers instead.

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