Looking for a springtime nude that will suit any skin tone? Clinique's new 16 Shades of Beige Collection could find you your perfect match, writes Ayesha Muttucumaru

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My 50 Shades of Grey trilogy may be collecting dust on my bookshelf, however the launch of a new colour collective of the beauty variety  may pose a much more entertaining prospect. Move over grey, because beige is back, revamped and now available in 16 shades, to make any skin tone look great in the buff just in time for spring.

‘Wait a minute, did you really just say 16 shades of beige?!’ I hear you exclaim. Yes I did indeed, who knew beige wasn’t quite the bore we all thought it was? Well apparently Clinique did and as a result, has set its sights on giving it a makeover of its own with 8 new limited edition  Nail Enamels , £12 and a new All About Shadow Neutral Territory 2 palette  for eyes too, £32.

I usually find that a nude polish on my nails often looks a little, well, weird for lack of a better word on me. It sounds great in theory but in practice, the moment my tips reach for a rich chocolate brown, my double digits automatically take the form of a box of Cadbury’s Chocolate Fingers. Which just makes me hungry to be honest.

Thankfully though, this new collection boasts a range of shades comprehensive enough to offer a noticeable contrast from my cocoa coloured limbs, with a choice from Milky Bar right through to Green & Black’s 70% Dark. My personal favourites are Nighty–Night, (the deepest of the range) and Peek a Boo (a nude peach) for a lovely glossy alternative for darker skin tones that’s practical enough for work, but eye-catching enough for play.

The 8 eyeshadows in the new palette also offer an equally flattering variety. The perfect way for mastering daytime demure in my opinion, choose from one of the silky smooth lighter shades to highlight or the darker shades to contour for an effortlessly chic eye look that’s natural, subtle and beautifully understated.

So, whether you opt for this season’s power pink lip  or big lash boom, these two new neutrals will offer the ideal companion to complement the most dramatic of colour cohorts.

Beige doesn’t seem so boring now after all.