It's that time of the month again when we wax lyrical about the products that have impressed us so much, that we've used them to the very last drop. From the celebrity brand body lotion, our writer wasn't expecting to like to the soap that's such a multitasker it has been used to clean the bathroom floor!

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And we're back with our empties edit! A round-up of the products that, as you have probably guessed, we've loved so much they've gone straight from landing on our desks to taking pride of place in our bathrooms and makeup bags and have been used to the very last drop. And this month's haul is a good one. We've got the hair mask from the Chris Appleton and Color Wow collaboration that our writer describes as 'an utter marvel' to the bargain CeraVe face SPF that another team member keeps returning to. All these products have impressed us and we think you'll like them too. Enjoy!

@getthegloss These are the products that went straight from landing on our desks :computer: to taking pride of place in our bathrooms and makeup bags. :sparkles:Spot any faves? #newbeauty #beautylaunch #newskincare #colourwow #beautyempties #moneymasque #byoma ♬ Me & U - Tems

Victoria Woodhall, GTG Editorial Director

Coco & Eve Antioxidant face Tanning Micro Mist, £26 

"This clear tanning mist has converted me from my usual self-tan drops, because its fine spray gives a really even coverage and a decent level of tan in about six hours; just two coats and you are golden. I use it not just on the face but arms, and legs as well and although the bottle looks small, the fact that it’s a spray means you use relatively little. Antioxidants give that extra bit of environmental protection too. If you are looking for a tan to keep you glowing through winter this is easy and foolrpoof."


Akt deodorant Balm Amber, Violet, Tonks, £17.97 

"‘Smell my armpit!’ insisted my husband to prove why this was the best deodorant he’d ever tried. ‘See… nothing!. And if it works on him - a primary school teacher who regularly exceeds 20000, steps a day and is constantly waving his arms around in class - this natural sweat and odour-absorbing cream will work on anyone. My 16-year-old son uses it too and the ‘fine’ fragrances, all of which we’ve tried, are exquisitely blended. The the cream does not mat hair armpits either, they report. A regular ‘empty’ in our house."


Pura Flex + Collagen, £35.99 

"I’ve  had a long-term shoulder injury so switched  my regular collagen one to this bovine powder targeted at muscles and tendons. It has the required 10g of collagen peptides per serving as well as manganese for ligaments and tendons and the collagen co-factor vitamin C. It’s a versatile flavourless powder that can be added to hot drinks, soothies or water. It hasn’t fixed my shoulder, but I did notice that my nails were suddenly longer and stronger –  proof that it’s getting into my body, which isn’t always a given with collagen blends!"


Sisley Phyto Teint, £73, 22 Shades 

"This is my treat foundation (it has to be at that price) for when I want the look of dewy bare skin, without the unevenness. It’s  particularly good for the HD effect of daylight when foundation can look obvious. I love the liquid serum texture (all of Sisley’s makeup products are also high quality skincare) as it’s so easy to apply thinly and to layer. Start at the nose and work outwards, advises MUA Florrie White, who told me that ‘blobbing’ on your colour is the foundation mistake she sees most often."


SJ Corfield-Smith, GTG Beauty Director

Evolve Organic Beauty Keep Calm & Spray On No-Rinse Hand Cleanser, £12 

“As winter approaches a decent hand sanitiser is a handbag essential and this is one of the best I have ever used. Not only do I like the spray applicator, it has a lovely fresh zesty scent and doesn’t dry out skin but still zaps all the germs.”


Sanctuary Spa Ultra Rich Wet Skin Miracle Moisturiser in Golden Sandalwood, £11.50 

“I had forgotten what a genius product this is until this new scent launched and I gave it another go. You apply it to wet skin in the shower and gently pat yourself down allowing it to sink in. All the hydrating prowess of a ‘regular’ body lotion but speedier and less hassle, which means you’re more likely to do it and reap the benefits of softer and smoother skin. This new scent is gorgeous, a bit musky and oud-like and far more expensive smelling than the price tag would make you think.”


Dr Bronner’s 18-in-1 Hemp Lavender Pure Castille Soap, £14.49

“There’s not much this multi-tasking liquid soap can’t do. There are a multitude of ways to put it to good use on the packaging, but I use it as hand soap, shower gel, to clean makeup brushes and I’ve even used it to mop the bathroom floor! Gentle enough for all skin types and suitable for the entire family to use.”


Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm, £47 

“Surely the absolute OG best cleansing balm out there. It has a buttery consistency that melts to a silky oil on the skin with the merest of massage. I like to leave it on for a few minutes and let it work its grime and makeup dissolving magic before washing it off with the double-sided super soft flannel that it comes in, which is my humble opinion is far more effective than a muslin cloth. It leaves skin feeling plump and squeaky clean.”


Kerry Potter, GTG Contributing Editor

Keys Protect Your Light Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 Sunscreen, £32

"I love Alicia Keys’ music but must admit I wasn’t desperate to try her skincare line – the overtly spiritual vibe was a turn-off. Never mind Protect Your Light, I just wanted to know if this sunscreen/ moisturizer can Protect My Skin From The Sun. Turns out I was being an idiot – it’s great and I’ve used every drop this summer (although please note it’s factor 30 rather than 50). The lightweight formula absorbs quickly, isn’t greasy, and has squalane for a hydration boost and niacinamide to brighten."


Merit Brow 1980, £28

"My makeup bag is increasingly populated with Merit, the new(ish) US brand aimed at Gen X women, who want to keep things low-key, quick and simple (and don’t have the time to do otherwise, frankly). This brow pomade is natural-looking, nourishing and doesn’t travel across my face through the day. It has a lot in common with my other favourite, Glossier Boy Brow."


Koba Milk It Body Lotion, £45

"Koba’s founder Thérèse M'Boungoubaya draws on her Congolese heritage when concocting her skincare – accordingly this body lotion contains oil from the safou fruit (aka the African pear), which is rich in goodies such as vitamins C and E, and amino and fatty acids. It goes on like milk (the clue’s in the name) yet has the oomph of a rich body butter. It also soaks in swiftly – a key selling point when you have approx. three minutes to get dressed in the morning – and my limbs remain at max silkiness all day. Bravo."


Ingeborg van Lotringen, Contributing Beauty Editor

Wildsmith Vitality Shower Oil, £40

"A product that cleanses, moisturises and makes you smell like you’ve spent the day being massaged in an expensive spa in the space of two minutes in the shower – that’s what I call a multitasker! This perfectly straddles the fine line between leaving a conditioning film on skin and rinsing off milkily without leaving me and the bath slick with oil. The scent is expensively aromatherapeutic (black pepper, ginger and cedarwood), and the aluminium pump bottle is a chic as it is eco-friendly. Just wish it was three times the size."


CeraVe AM Facial Moisturising Lotion SPF50 for normal to dry skin, £16.50

"With so many brands adding a daily SPF into the mix, I’ve got dozens kicking around in the name of work, but only a few I keep coming back to. It’s usually a matter of texture: I look ones that you wouldn’t guess were SPFs at all, but feel instead like indulgent day creams that are deeply moisturising but not oily. This (despite the name) may be a cream and not a ‘light’ lotion, but I find that those liquid-y lotions are often the greasiest of all. Not so with this cooling, unscented pump-out cream which makes daily protection easy – and affordable."


Indeed Labs Watermelon Cleansing Balm, £25

"Don’t expect a pink jelly cleanser (I did) – the watermelon extract here is actually the seed oil and it’s just one of a number of nourishing seed oils and waxes that make up this rich, unscented paste that initially has the slightest bit of texture as you massage it into skin, adding a little exfoliation to your cleanse. Velvety in feel, it leaves a light film with vitamin C and E to hydrate and condition and it’s super-gentle so I kept reaching for it. Unlike some tubes, it’s easy to squeeze every last morsel out of it, which is satisfying."


16/11 Labs Formula 1/V.7 Intense Moisturisation and Anti-Dehydration Complex, £65

"The market is literally awash with hydrating serums, all easy to use and non-irritating but, in my experience, many of them are also a bit ‘meh’ and their hydration doesn’t really last the distance. Not so with this one, which I’ve used non-stop til there was nothing left in the generous 50ml bottle. It has a whole host of humectants (there are many more, and more interesting, than hyaluronic acid) that all work at different skin depths and offer added benefits like antioxidants protection. Plus, this stuff restores your skin barrier so that quenched, plump feeling is instant as well as long-term. Definitely my favourite."


Amy Rostas, GTG Beauty and Social Media Assistant

Ole Henriksen Strength Trainer Peptide Boost Moisturiser, £42 

“This moisturiser impressed me with its unique texture; it starts as a thick cream but transforms to a refreshing gel-like consistency. It provides deep hydration without feeling too heavy, leaving my skin looking beautifully radiant. I've noticed a visible boost in elasticity, particularly in the apples of my cheeks. Additionally, it strengthens the skin barrier with peptides, what more could you ask for in a moisturiser? And the light, fresh scent is a delightful bonus for all the senses.”


Byoma Melting Balm Cleanser, £15 

“Not to compete with SJ's cleansing balm, but this is a much more affordable version. It effortlessly removes and breaks down all makeup, making way for a thorough second cleanse. Unlike some balms, this one doesn't sting the eyes at all. It's lipid-rich formula helps to keep the skin barrier strong (my favourite skincare trait!) but with the bonus of niacinamide it helps keep any oiliness at bay.  I'm genuinely sad it's finished but, at just £15, a repurchase is a no-brainer.”


Vichy Capital Soleil Solar Protective Water Hydrating SPF50, £19.95 

“Even though I am a SPF obsessive,  applying body sunscreen has always been a bit of a chore for me. Until I discovered Vichy Water SPF50. This is a life saviour for anyone with sensitive skin or a distaste for thick sunscreens. Unlike traditional options, it doesn't leave you feeling sticky; it's genuinely like applying water. Not only is it incredibly hydrating, but it's also water-resistant, making it the perfect body SPF. A must-try for your next holiday whenever that may be!”


Color Wow and Chris Appleton Money Masque, £39.50 

“When a celeb hair guru like Chris Appleton collaborates with Color Wow, you know it's going to be great. Money Masque is a hydrating marvel, it's like giving your locks a luxurious salon treatment from the comfort of home. The unusual blue gel texture might surprise you, but the results will leave your hair looking shiny and almost glass-like. The scent is also absolutely divine. A must-try for anyone seeking some hair hydration.”