Move over chunky, choking vitamins: in California, it’s all about the liquid remedy for intelligent, tip-top health, reports Kinvara Balfour

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In LA, the word ‘detox’ doesn’t trend at any specific time of year.  It’s a perennial activity and one akin to breathing, hiking or watching Girls on HBO: you do it, and you presume that everyone else is doing it, too. But at this time of year, when immune systems are low and colds and flu are rife, we want to restock while we detox, and put as much goodness into our bodies as we can - without choking to death.

If you struggle to force the requisite pile of vitamins down your gullet daily, you might seek a simpler way of ingesting some extra virtue. All hail the elixir. There’s a new trend out there for the ‘liquid supplement’ – all-natural, science-tastic panaceas you can drop (literally) into a glass of water or juice, which make you big and strong from deep within.

Move over Aloe Vera juice, Berocca and Emergen-C. The same goes for my old favourites, Source of Life ( ) and Cellfood ( ). In LA, chlorophyll is the new kid on the block.

The chlorophyll in my brand of choice, ChlorOxygen ( ), is extracted from the leaves of stinging nettles and increases the oxygen available to the blood cells, thereby improving energy levels, the immune system and general health. It is especially good for the liver. I also have friends who add a few cayenne drops to their water (a current juice bar  favourite) which purports to boost circulation and burn fat ( ).

The most powerful elixir of life out there on the market, however, has to be fulvic acid. The brand currently best pioneering this magic health-booster is Phylia de M. I discovered it when in LA and liked the brand so much I agreed to be its ambassador, so I am slightly biased when I say that this stuff is genius. Brilliant. Easy. Simple. Powerful. Effective. Phylia’s Fulphyl (  for USA,  for UK) is a ‘super cell conductor’ - a refreshingly inoffensive and earthy-tasting kind of a watery potion - which you add daily to water, juice or soup.

In addition to helping activate the nutrients you consume, Fulphyl acts as a ‘chelator’ - a current beauty buzzword in the USA which refers to a bioorganic ingredient that helps the absorption of other minerals through a proven scientific process of bonding ions and molecules (chlorophyll being another). The process of chelation removes harmful toxins from the body and encourages cell regeneration. If I’m honest, I care less about the science and more about how I feel. And look.

Since I started consuming Fulphyl every morning, I have had zero colds, norobugs or flu. Literally: not a spot of snot or a wave of nausea in months. Not only that, but my hair is sprouting out of my head and my skin glows. Even in the dark. Thank goodness these cure-alls are natural. I’m well and truly hooked.