If you're heading to Miami, make sure you look the part - Marissa Montgomery tells you how

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Art Basel in Miami is one of the most glamorous and inspiring events of the year. People fly in from across the world; artists, gallerists, collectors and curators amid a host of art lovers. It’s vastly appealing as it’s smack in the centre of South Beach.

But of course if you’re headed for Miami, you need to get your tan and toned body on quick - it’s full of bronzed beach boys and girls cruising Collins Avenue. Here’s where to go for that all important Miami makeover…


If like me, you always arrive looking pale and pasty and the thought of baring legs let alone anything else is too much to bear, head straight to SoBe  tan on Michigan to be tanned by Fabiola, $63. It’s a hidden gem above a bikini store where she can even sculpt you some abs or cheekbones with her airbrush - pure genius. It’s the only time my spray tan hasn’t gone streaky; her secret is that she stands you in front of a fan after you’ve been sprayed and she then powders you with baby powder to ensure flawless coverage. Fabiola also provides something called the Twinkle Tan, which is a sun spray that goes over your tan to give you a gorgeous golden sheen so you can head straight out to an arty bash while looking the part.


Once you have your tan on the outside it’s time to glow from the inside, so stop by Jugo Fresh . The Jugo Fresh menu is a culinary approach to cold-pressed juices, life-enhancing shots, superfood smoothies and prepared foods which are made daily in-house. Last year they had a pop-up at the Wynwood in Miami’s art district - great for keeping you full of vitamins and energy when you’ve been walking around galleries and the fair all day.


Once you’ve got those energy levels and if you’re feeling adventurous, centre yourself in the madness that is Basel and try paddleboard yoga, or SUP yoga  (Stand-Up Paddleboard). I’m not sure this one’s for me as my yogi balance skills are terrible and I’m not the bravest sea swimmer  - but I have girlfriends that say it’s fabulous. $40 for non-members.

Otherwise, head to  Flybarre or Fly Wheel  on Purdy Ave for some good spinning on solid ground! It’s the alternative to Soul Cycle in NYC and has recently opened for all those beach bunnies in Miami.

My personal favourite exercise, however,  is free of charge; a long walk in the morning or evening. When the sun’s not too strong, head down the boardwalk  - it runs all the way down the stretch of beach and is truly beautiful. It is a wooden paneled walkway so your trainers won’t get sandy and you have a view of the ocean to one side and the fabulous art deco architecture of Miami to another. It’s a bike-free zone and full of walkers and runners of all shapes, sizes and ages; the full walk from 5th street to 46th street is approx 4 miles. The beauty is you can stop any time as there’s lost of exits to the beach or to the main street.


Miami is very humid and a blow-out is a must for taming unruly tresses. I like Junior and Hatter  - it’s located in the heart of Wynwood. It is the collective vision of master stylists Andrea Battista and Mario Silvestri.

“With this project, we want to share our vision of how we see and live hairdressing and what a hair salon should be,” says Andrea. “Taking into consideration the importance we place on design and fashion, it is not a coincidence we picked the Wynwood Art District in Miami as the first location for our brand,” explains Mario. “We want guests to come in and experience our home-like setting and enjoy the time they spend with us while receiving the best in professional hair service.”

I visited their other salon at the uber fabulous Soho beach house, which is a sanctuary away from the madness.


Lastly, hydrate. You are going in and out of air-conditioned buildings and taking in lots of sun. So if you’re going to drink any water it has to be that of Miami resident Mr. Sean Diddy Combs who lives on Star Island. His new water brand is Aqua Hydrate ; firstly, you may want to drink it in case you run into Puffy, P Diddy or whatever name he is going by these days and show you know your stuff. Also it’s formulated especially for fitness - the ultra-purified water is run through a UV filter five times. It also contains 72 electrolytes and has a high pH (9+), which helps combat acidic waste and restore balance in the body. It contains no sugar so is guilt-free, too.