From Dior's new alcohol-free reinterpretation of the iconic J’adore scent to Huda Beauty's new limp-plumping glosses, a waterless vitamin C serum and The Body Shop's new anti-pollution serum, our roundup of the week's new beauty and skincare finds

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September is in full swing, meaning it's time to start thinking about our autumnal makeup looks. To help you put your best face forward this season, in our tried and tested review of the best new beauty launches this week, we bring you Gucci's perfect new age-proofing rosy blush,  a set of grown-up face crayons courtesy of German makeup artist Monika Blunder - the lush lipsticks are virtually mistake-proof - and Huda Beauty's pair of new zingy, plumping lip glosses - think ice and spice. 

Oh, and you'll want to smell the part if you're heading back to the office, so we present our verdict on Dior's clever alcohol-free reinvention of its most classic scent, J’Adore (hint: it possesses some surprising staying power). And as many of us will be reinstating our commutes this month, The Body Shop has just reformulated its best-selling Drops of Youth Concentrate serum to give it double the antioxidant power, meaning extra protection against the effects of pollution on the skin. Read on for your back-to-school/work beauty power list.

The grown-up crayon: Monika Blunder Beauty Kissen Lush Lipsticks, £28 each 

"Back to school week is a great excuse for some new crayons - thank you Monika Blunder, the German makeup artist who bought us one of the best cream foundations on the planet last year (Blunder Cover, £45 won Best Base at the GTG 2021 Beauty Awards). Now she's launched three colour products for lips and cheeks: a lip crayon, a tinted balm and a blush – and I love them all.

"To look instantly more alive, I first pop on the Liquid Flush Cheek Tint, £25, a cream blush with a doe foot applicator that gives just the right amount of flush. I follow with this fabulous and pigment-rich crayon Kissen (meaning pillow in German). It comes in six shades and colours your lips almost like a stain. It’s so easy to swipe, much better than a bullet for outlining and lasts hours. For the finishing touch, I layer on the new  Botanical Balm Hyaluronic Lip Tint, £23 in three shades for a lo-fi gloss or use it by itself as a tinted lip balm. Playful, feminine and just grown-up enough." Victoria Woodhall, GTG Editorial Director

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The alcohol-free classic scent: Dior J’Adore Parfum D’Eau, £63

"I’m sure reams of copy will be written on how this is possible: a perfume without alcohol that nonetheless sticks around on your skin and in your clothes/hair/wherever. For now, I don’t understand it (the typically waffly press blurb explains nothing), but it works. Described as “flowers, water, that’s it”, the truth is more like “flowers, water, hydrating skincare staples glycerin and capric triglyceride, some synthetic fragrance notes, and a bunch of natural preservatives, that’s it.” But together they make up the flower bomb we know and love, and one that loves to linger. This version feels slightly more child-like and fresher than the original, with a noticeable injection of honeysuckle and a lot of neroli which, in France in particular, is very associated with baby products. I don’t wear floral fragrances but this is both such a classic and such a hi-tech feat that I might add it to my collection of ‘amber’ (we used to call that ‘oriental’) perfumes." Ingeborg Van Lotringen, GTG Beauty Editor

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The supercharged anti-pollution serum: The Body Shop Edelweiss Daily Serum Concentrate, £30 

"Reformulating a best-seller is always a bold move, but The Body Shop has taken the gamble with its best-selling Drops of Youth Concentrate - a bottle of which is apparently sold every 20 seconds - and renamed it (for good reason, as a B Corp, the brand says it wants to avoid spreading unhealthy messages about things such as ‘anti-ageing’). The new formula, now known as Edelweiss, after the antioxidant-rich flower native to the Swiss Alps that it contains, is now enriched with double the concentration of edelweiss extract, as well as leontopodic acid, a powerful natural active that provides 43 per cent more antioxidant power than retinol. What does this mean in layman's terms? Essentially, the daily serum, which was already a staple in my morning skincare routine pre-commute, now offers even more protection against the effects of indoor and outdoor pollution on the skin, making this a smart back-to-the-office purchase." Rosie Fitzmaurice, GTG Contributor

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"A good lip gloss is my Achilles heel, let alone one that can actually plump up my pout. So, when I discovered Huda Beauty had launched not one but two, silky balms I had to give them a go. Both are designed to achieve fuller-looking lips instantly and over time. You can choose from spicy, a thermo-plumping formula which is infused with Sichuan pepper, don’t worry it’s not like rubbing hot sauce on your lips! It is supercharged with warming agents, so you do feel a slight tingle for a few minutes, and it has a sweet chilli flavour — but it’s not at all unpleasant. The other balm, Icy, ­­­uses cryotherapy, fenugreek extract and hyaluronic acid which gradually tingles over time with a super refreshing cooling sensation. Plus, it tastes like bubblegum which is hard not to love. I can instantly see and feel results from both balms, my lips feel plump and juicy and stay moisturised for hours on end after use." JT

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The ultra-hydrating moisturiser: Embryolisse Lait-Crème Sensitive, £23.40 

"I have seen this cream all over TikTok and I’ve been dying to try it - it comes in a regular version and one for sensitive skin (which I opted for). It can be used as a moisturiser, overnight hydrating mask (layer it on!!) and even an incredible makeup primer - as it is slightly tacky, foundation clings on to it and doesn't budge. It has a lovely lightweight texture that absorbs quickly while leaving your skin hydrated throughout the day. I love that this product is simple, affordable, and leaves my skin dewy and glowy all day long." Amy Rostas, GTG Beauty and Social Media Assistant

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The age-proofing blush: Gucci Blush de Beaute in Rosy Tan, £41

"As I get older I rely heavily on blush for ‘perk’. I wear it pretty much every day and it's something I’m willing to invest in, much more than say, eyeshadow or highlighter which, on me, look too ‘done’. Blush, however, restores the colour that fades from the face with age and is one of the easiest age-proofing fixes. Normally I would avoid a powder formula, which can look dusty and dry on older skin, but Gucci’s new powder blush is infused with oils and waxes that make it melt beautifully and seamlessly into the skin. Gucci does the packaging ‘experience’ so well and right from the moment you pick up the star-flecked pink and gold compact and flip open the lid (this is one you’ll want to show off)  it’s a delight. It’s handbag-small but chunky enough to hold, the mirror is sharp and the delicate waft of rose a joy. Give me this blush over a Gucci bag any day." VW

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The waterless vitamin C serum: Farmacy Beauty 10% Waterless Vitamin C Serum, £48

"Quick vitamin C lesson: l-ascorbic acid is to vitamin C what retinoic acid is to vitamin A, i.e. its most powerful form. But ascorbic acid is also highly unstable and will start going off as soon as it is blended with water, which is in the vast majority of vitamin C serums and other skincare. So basically, a lot of skincare with l-ascorbic acid doesn’t work very well. Enter this new Farmacy one, which has a watery-oily texture but magically, no water or oil: the base is propylene glycol, a solvent derived from corn (or synthesised in a lab). It won’t make the punchy 10% ascorbic acid contained in it turn rancid and orange in a matter of days, and that means this serum will properly tackle dullness, help plump skin and even soften pigmentation. You may have to introduce it slowly as it can sting and irritate C-virgins, and the meaty fragrance (that’s the scent of vitamin c you smell there, strange but true) isn’t the best, but this, with its added antioxidant and brightening powerhouse ferulic acid, is a goodie." IvL

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The soothing bedtime eye treatment: Marie Reynolds Eye Spa Self-heating Eye Masks, £34 

"As a glasses-wearer prone to dry eyes, I’m always looking for ways to give my eyes a little extra TLC, so I’m pleased that more brands are coming up with creative products to soothe weary peepers. Whether you’ve got screen fatigue or suffer from headaches or migraines, holistic facialist Marie Reynold’s latest Eye Spa range features a series of products to deliver instant relief to the delicate eye area and sinuses. The warmth from this mask helps the skin to draw in moisture from the surface into the deeper layers, deeply hydrating and stimulating the oil glands that help form the tears that hydrate our eyes. Infused with calming chamomile it’s also just a deeply relaxing bedtime ritual I’ve been adding into my routine a couple of times a week." RF

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The rejuvenating undereye gels: Xlash Awakening Eye Gels, £47 for 60 gels

"I have always admired people who prioritise their self-care and regularly incorporate face and eye masks into their routine - and I think I’ve finally become one too! I have started using these eye masks in the morning and leaving them on for 40 minutes to get their full effect - they are very soothing and hydrating. These eye gels are infused with vitamin C, niacinamide and caffeine - all perfect for an immediate brightening effect under eyes - I now look like I get 10+ hours of sleep a night (I don’t). I have even roped in my whole family, including my grandpa to wear these when we have a family self-care day!" AR

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The perfect natural flush: Jillian Dempsey Cheek Tint, £24

"I came across these by accident and really love them – and I’m a cream blusher snob. They’re all plant wax-based, and in my experience, cosmetics that avoid synthetic ingredients altogether don’t have the most satisfying textures. These are great, though – slightly tacky, but not oily so they stay put. The colour pay-off is intense so you need a teeny bit, they pat out really easily for a very natural flush, and smell of fresh coconut (that’ll be the coconut oil, then). Best of all, they come in the flattest little disc-pots, like an outsize pound coin, that you can slip into any pocket for quick touch-ups. Cute!" IvL

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The genius zit patches: Corsx Master Patch Intensive, £14.99 for 36 Patches

"Cosrx’s now cult blemish patches are a genius quick fix for pesky spots, and the K-beauty brand has just dropped an “intense” version, which is infused with added salicylic acid and tea tree leaf oil to target whiteheads, blackheads or deep pimples. If I've had an eruption, I pop one on after my evening cleanse, and leave it on overnight - the clear hydrocolloid patches protect the area from bacteria or dirt which could aggravate it further (and also stop you from picking). By morning it turns white to indicate it has drawn out all of the nasties - think gunk, oil and puss, which you’ll either find utterly gross or intensely satisfying (I'm the latter) - and as if by magic, I’m left zit-free. Plus, unlike other spot treatments I’ve used, it doesn’t leave my skin dry or flaky. At £15 for 36 patches, I think this is good value, too." RF

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