Try Revlon's foolproof party manicure this festive season - Ayesha Muttucumaru shows you how

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Throw out your pack of cards and pack away your bunny in a hat because if you’re looking for a more foolproof way of nailing a party trick this festive season, this eye-catching look created by Revlon’s UK Nail Ambassador Jenny Longworth could be just what you’ve been searching for.

A chic and modern take on textured nails that’s slick, on-trend and surprisingly stress-free, Jenny’s revealed her pro secrets for channelling your inner ‘Midnight Fashionista’ with this handy how-to.

Nail art made easy? We’re sold. Pick up a polish (or two) and get painting and tweet your pics to @RevlonUK or Instagram them to @revlon_uk to show off your skills.

The look

“I took inspiration from precious stones and jewel tones and blended the colours to create a textured and marbled effect,” said Jenny.

Step 1

“To begin, prepare your nails by shaping and buffing them to smooth the surface. Wipe each nail with a cotton pad soaked in remover to cleanse it, and then apply a layer of base coat for long-lasting colour.”

Step 2

“Apply two coats of Fashionista Enamel  , £6.49 to the entire nail.”

Step 3

“Next, dab on random patches of Eclectic Enamel  , £6.49.”

Step 4

“Whilst the enamel is still wet, dab a concealer brush , £5.99, saturated with nail varnish remover onto the nail to blend the two colours together.”

Step 5

“Tidy around each nail with a concealer brush dipped in remover. Once everything is touch-dry, apply a layer of top coat, wait 2 minutes and then sweep on a coat of Liquid Quick Dry  (£6.49).”