All eyes are on Fenty as Rihanna launches her first hair line this week. GTG’s resident curly girl Florence Scordoulis locked herself in the bathroom to test all 9 of them

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Rihanna really does love to ‘work, work, work, work, work’: the 36-year-old singer, who already has a net worth of $1.4 billion from her music, fashion and beauty lines, has just dropped a brand new Fenty Hair collection. Billed as suitable for all hair types, there’s something for everyone with nine reparative products: from shampoo to three conditioning treatments, heat protection, curl cream and two gel stylers - plus a nifty edge control tool.

She joins a host of celebs who’ve announced major inclusive hair launches this year: from Beyoncé's Cécred range of moisturizing shampoos, masks and stylers for textured hair, to Rita Ora’s Typebea collection which prioritizes hair growth.

Fenty’s new arrival is just as inclusive as her first revolutionary beauty line, a range of 40 foundation tones which launched in 2017 (and made $100 million in the first month). The haircare offering is for all hair types, including textured and curly hair. As Rihanna says, “Fenty Hair was created for all hair types—everyone can find a go-to within this lineup. From my curly people, to those who love protective styles, to those with straight or wavy hair, or short hair or long hair, there’s something for you.” She adds, “Creating a lineup of products that were easy to use no matter your hair type or texture that included repair in every step and could keep up with me was crucial.”

That’s because the singer herself is no stranger to switching up her hair - and self-expression is another important theme of the collection. “Hair has always been very personal to me—my hairstyles have been markers of my evolution and growth over the years,” she explains. “I've had almost every texture, colour, length, from weaves to braids to natural - so I am launching a flexible line of products for not only every hair want, but every single product is designed to strengthen and repair all types of hair.”

Indeed, above all, Fenty Hair prioritises your hair health. Rihanna has worked with experts to create a proprietary complex, called Replenicore-5, which is used in all of the products. It contains amino acids, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, jackfruit (for boosting scalp circulation), antioxidant-rich green tea and Barbados gooseberry extract to repair and strengthen hair. And, the whole range is vegan and free from nasty sulphates and silicones that can strip the hair.

There is a luxurious vibe to Fenty Hair too, which is designed to turn everyday chores like washing your hair into a plush, feel-good ritual. The pina colada scented fragrance helps: combining notes of yuzu, lemon, freesia, amber and coconut into a heady, floral vibe. Meanwhile the packaging - a mix of pump bottles and pots in pastel tones - is eco-friendly with a blend of recycled aluminum and plastic.

But, with prices ranging from £15 to £34, is Fenty Hair worth it - and does it really do what it says on the tin? We tested the full range.

“There’s just one shampoo (and no scalp mask) in this range, but hydration is the focus from the get-go - and as Rihanna puts it, this ‘actually adds moisture back into your hair while cleaning’. It’s a gentle cleanse being sulphate-free, so doesn’t strip your hair. Plus, the lightweight formula suits all hair types, so it didn’t weigh down my fine curls. The pump bottle dispenses a precise amount: one pump is enough to create a plush, silky lather that washes out easily. It does a lot of the hard work of smoothing and detangling your hair, even before conditioning. I’m a fan.”

The Rich One Moisture Repair Conditioner, £24

“Out of three conditioning products, this is the least intensive option but the consistency is still thicker and creamier than most other conditioners I’ve tried. Containing green coconut water for hydration, it melts into the hair for effortless detangling. My hair felt much softer afterwards, and if you can brave rinsing with cold water, as per the bottle’s instructions, it supposedly boosts shine, too (I chickened out). Rihanna says, ‘I use both conditioners depending on how thirsty my hair is’, but Fenty recommends this one as an everyday conditioner for finer or less damaged hair types.”

The Richer One Moisture Repair Deep Conditioner, £24

“This is a much more intense hydration fix that comes in a pot - and looks and feels like a luxurious hair mask. Yet, although you can leave it on for a few minutes, it’s designed to be rinsed straight out and used as a daily conditioner for thicker and drier hair types. It helps to repair damaged hair and plump the strands so they look thicker, with nourishing ingredients like mango butter. I love this, as a faff-free option for a deeper treatment when you’re time-pressed. But, if you have fine hair, I’d recommend using it for an added boost, now and then, rather than a daily conditioner.”

The Comeback Kid Instant Damage Repair Treatment, £34

“This magic strengthener uses ingredients like chia seed extract to rebuild the bonds in hair which break down due to heat and chemicals, by penetrating and building a scaffolding around them. You apply it after shampooing, then can either rinse out after 3-5 minutes, or leave on for an intensive treatment. (I left it on overnight but found it slightly too heavy for my finer hair, so washed it off in the morning). However, it did make a noticeable difference: my curls looked instantly healthier and smoother - and it made my blonde balayage pop. I’m with Rihanna, who says, ‘This saved my life when I went blonde and it’s gonna save your hair too.’”

The Protective Type 5-In-1 Heat Protectant Styler, £29

“Usually, most heat protections come in spray form, but this is a silky cream, that is still lightweight so it doesn’t mess with your style. I find that this makes it easier to get fuller coverage but works better applied to damp than dry hair. It’s packed with antioxidant-rich moringa and cranberry oil, which boost moisture and shine. And protects you up to 230 degrees Celsius when diffusing, blow-drying, straightening or tonging hair. In Rihanna’s words: ‘Use protection, people!’”

The Homecurl Curl-Defining Cream, £29

“I was excited to try this curl-specific styler which claims to short-cut your regime to one step. The thick, elastic consistency (which feels like yet another conditioner) scrunches into damp hair, without creating a hard or crunchy look. And the effect is super hydrating: soft, bouncy, healthy-looking curls. However, I prefer a longer-lasting hold with more definition and volume for my tighter curl type, which looked frizzy and poofy after diffusing, so I’d layer this with a gel or mousse in future. It does work well as a glossy refresher on dry, second-day curls, though.”

The Gelly Type Strong Hold Gel, £27

“This gel is my least favourite product - but that’s because I don’t suit a slicked-back style and feel naked without volume. I also tried scrunching it into wet hair, layered with the curl cream, for extra hold - but the finish was slightly greasy (it separated my curls out into finer, frizzier ones). Would not recommend! It’s much better for hardcore top knot lovers, looking for all-day, shiny, crunch-free hold that doesn’t dry out your hair, thanks to the hydrating bamboo sap.”

The Controlling Type Hair-Thickening Edge Control Gel, £22

“Considering how I got on with the other gel, I was pleasantly surprised by this one. The thick, amber wax looks solid but melts instantly in your fingers, like a more elastic coconut oil. It’s primarily designed for edge control: smoothing and styling the flyaways around your hairline, with all-day hold. The water-based formula with red clover flower extract is hydrating and strengthening, to stop these hairs from breaking. But you can also use a little on your fingers, to subtly tame frizz around your parting in a ponytail, which is so useful if you want to avoid a wet-look.”

The Sidestick 3-In-1 Edge Tool, £15

“A three-in-one ergonomic styling tool, this has a pointy end for drawing the perfect parting or swirling strands. Plus there is a head with toothbrush-style bristles that can be dipped in the edge control gel for precise application, and another fine-toothed comb for styling out your hairline. It’s a fun tool to experiment with, whatever your hair type.”

My verdict

“What I love most about this Fenty launch is that it takes the fuss out of having healthy hair, with instant wash-out and leave-in options, that don’t require a massive amount of time. They smell incredible and upgrade the everyday chore of washing your hair into a luxe self-care ritual. The ultra-hydrating shampoo, conditioners and heat protection made a noticeable difference to my curls, too - which looked smoother, shinier and bouncier. Plus, I’m with its founder on my favourite: the revolutionary instant or leave-in bond builder is so much less hassle than Olaplex or Cécred’s equivalents. However, I’m a little disappointed by the curly styling offering, given that this is designed to be inclusive of textured hair: it’s missing something for curly girls like me, who want more definition, volume and hold.”