Chic defined lines are harder to create on mature eyes. Sarah Vine reveals why makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury has come to her rescue with her new Rock ‘n’ Kohl pencils

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As I get older, I find that black eyeliner is just a little bit too high maintenance. I used to be a bit of a one for a sharp flick, but now that my eyelids resemble an un-ironed pillowcase in the mornings, getting the stuff on in a straight line is quite a challenge.

Trouble is, everything else just disappears after a couple of hours. The only vaguely efficient long-lasting pencil liners I’ve ever found are the Urban Decay ones, which at least stagger through until after lunch. But even still, they are quite greasy, and don’t really work if, like me, you like to use them on the waterline.

All of which is why Charlotte Tilbury’s new Rock ‘n’ Kohl pencils , £19 each, are so fantabulous. They come in four new shades; three not-quite-blacks and one brilliant flesh-colour tone designed to use along the waterline to make the whites of your eyes look brighter.

The colours are ideal for older skins, adding definition without the harshness of a deep black. But the best part is the texture of the liner itself: soft and velvety like the best pencil; dries to an unshakeable finish. These are some seriously hard-wearing pencils.