If you’re a Shellac gel polish fan, we’ve got some seriously good news for your next salon visit

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The term ‘game changer’ is thrown around a lot in the beauty industry in particular, but if any cosmetic invention deserves the crown of this celebrity noun, it’s  CND Shellac . The original gel manicure brand launched its innovative, hardy, shiny, instantly drying and long lasting professional manicure system back in 2010, and we’ve been enjoying fortnight long flawless manis ever since.

Fast forward eight years and CND has polished up its original Shellac act to roll out an update of the original polish. Shellac Luxe looks set to make the gel manicure process even more convenient and covetable, and here’s how…

It’s a speedier manicure

Rather than a three step manicure (with time under the lamp after each coat), Shellac Luxe is a two polish treatment. In the same manner as  a CND Vinylux manicure  (a seven day polish that I’d highly recommend if you’re on a gel manicure fast), there’s no base coat involved, just a colour polish and high gloss topcoat. This looks set to make a lunchtime salon dash even quicker, without affecting longevity or results- the finish is reportedly as glossy as the original and polish should last you at least 14 days.

It can be taken off in under a minute

No more incapacitation by way of tiny fingertip tin foils- Shellac Luxe soaks off in 60 seconds thanks to micropores in the polish that allow remover to penetrate at a faster rate. Which brings us to...

It could reduce nail damage

Tenacious gel polish not only necessitates longer acetone immersion time, which can dry out nails, but it also makes it all the more likely that more aggressive means of physical removal will be resorted to to get the stuff off (picking and tearing is a recipe for nail wreckage). Shellac Luxe’s quick and easy removal makes both of the above less likely, which is the long term should lead to healthier nails. Just makes sure you’re using your cuticle oil liberally, as per celebrity manicurist Marian Newman’s nail commandments.

It offers even more choice

Shellac Luxe brings 15 exclusive new shades to market, alongside 65 other gel polish classics. Just to make your crippling salon indecision even more torturous. It’s a good job that the mani itself is quicker really.

CND Shellac Luxe  will launch in the UK in July

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