Ayesha Muttucumaru reports from Liberty's Beauty Hall, where the Get The Gloss experts have been sharing tips and advice with shoppers and beauty fans

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Yesterday, the Get The Gloss health and beauty experts descended upon the Beauty Hall at Liberty, to offer shoppers one-on-one consultations as part of the department store’s week-long event, ‘What’s Your Issue’ . The event offers a great opportunity for beauty fans to stop by for a drink and a chat with some of the industry’s top pros.

With GTG’s Editor-in-Chief Susannah TaylorCreative Director Sarah Vinemake-up artist to the stars Caroline BarnesPersonal Trainer Steve MellorTrichologist Glenn Lyons  and Nutritional Therapist extraordinaire Amelia Freer  all on hand to offer their expertise, no question was left unanswered and all the experts provided frank, honest advice and valuable insight.

From ‘fast fitness’ and healthy eating to make-up, acne, health and hair loss, it was great to hear the glowing reviews from those who attended. Speaking about her time spent talking to Steve Mellor, Tara Mikhael said, "He gave me the ultimate solution! Time is precious and I used to spend hours on the treadmill. It's really so important for every woman to know that that's not necessary - even ten minutes of high intensity exercise can get better results. It's so vital to know these things if you aim high and want to achieve real change.”

“He gave me some great tips for squats too,” she added.  “Your hips always need to be lower than your knees. He's convinced me to use weights more as well - it doesn't mean you get bulky or bigger, just more toned! Guys work for years to achieve a muscular look but for us girls, using weights can be so beneficial. It's a myth that you become like the Hulk!"

Another lovely ‘What’s Your Issue’ attendee told us after her consultation with Caroline Barnes, “It was amazing. She told me that she used to have problem skin too and so got right to it. There was no elephant in the room and she was really honest, recommending a range of products for me to try. It was really cool.”

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With the conversation and champagne flowing, our experts thoroughly enjoyed speaking to and helping all those who came along. We’d love to say a big thank everyone who stopped by, it was great to meet you and we look forward to seeing you again soon!